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Beas Kund Trek – Source of Mighty River Beas

If you want to go trekking but haven’t ever tried it before, you can try out this Beas Kund trek near Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

This satisfactory trek will allow you to cross mountains and traverse through to the Beas River’s source. This 3-day trek starts from Dhundi in Solang Valley, a place which is also one of the popular destinations known for skiing and paragliding.

Beas Kund Trek is actually on a glacial lake and when you make your way to this lake, you’ll come across some really charming views that are absolutely able to leave you spellbound. All in all, trekking to Beas Kund can be the ideal option to give a start to this new interest of yours. Let’s see, how you can attain this first achievement.

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Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek – Perfect Guide

Day 1: From Manali to Dhundhi and then trek to Bhakarthach

Your trek to Beas Kund will start from the Solang Valley. First, you need to take a 21km long bus ride from the Manali Bus stand to Dhundi via Solang Valley, which is also the starting point of your trek.

Dhundi is located at a height of 3139m above sea level. Make sure you carry some dry ration or packed lunch on your way because the trek starts here from the Dhundi Bridge.  This moderate climb until Bhakarthach estimates a total distance of around 4.5km, which will also be the campsite of your day 1.

From the very point, you start your trekking, you’ll be moving alongside Beas River through beautiful green meadows. So, do not miss watching this ethereal beauty as well. There’ll also come a point when you need to cross the huge river on your way to Bhakarthach.

Bhakarthach is situated at a height of 3350m and the amazing lush greenery flat ground lies in the middle of the elevated mountains. Also, to note that the place also serves as a base to several expeditions that includes Friendship Peak, Ladakhi Peaks, and Hanuman Tibba.

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Manali to Dhundhi

Day 2: Bhakarthach to Beas Kund and back

Here comes your day 2, have your morning tea and start your day early in the morning.

Since this moderate climbing will ask you to come back to Bhakarthach by evening, you can just carry a few essentials like a water bottle, sunglasses, and a jacket with you. You need to start trekking as soon as possible and remember the entire trail is rocky and passes through huge boulders.

After then, you’ll go up to Beas Kund from Bhakarthach, which is about 3.5km and takes around 3-4 hours to reach there.

Beautiful little lakes encircled by snowy mountains are what you’re going to explore when in kund. Spend some quality over there and then return to your campsite.

Bhakarthach to Beas Kund

Day 3: Bhakarthach to Dhundi and then back to Manali

Your trek to Beas Kund is going to end soon, so have your morning tea and start trekking towards Dhundi by following the same route you took to come to Dhundi. It will be an easy trek as you’ll be going down the same route and will take around 3-4 hours to reach your destination.

Bhakarthach to Dhundi and then back to Manali

The first few sections go through the boulders, followed by the green meadows along the river. And to reach Manali, it is just an hour drive from Dhundi.

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