Best 360 Degrees Cameras: Reviews and Recommendations

How do you see things around you when you’re on a go? Well, I cannot answer or make assumptions on behalf of anyone but one thing is for sure that you don’t see things in a rectangle or square. True, isn’t it? Then why to put limitations while capturing that whole view you can see with your eyes?

All you need to do is get yourself the best 360-degree camera and capture the world in one shot. These cameras are unlike any other camera available and are just exceptional. The best part is that spending bucks on it is simply worth it and once you start using the camera, you don’t want to try any other camera.

Though there are a number of models present on the market, selecting the best 360-degree camera can be a little tricky. But, we’ve got you covered not just with the best 360 cameras but also with a buying guide to make your selection process much easier. Let’s get into it. 

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A quick review of the best 360 Degree Camera

  • Insta360 ONE X- Our best pick that comes handy and allows you to show your best of the photography skills.
  • Samsung Gear 360- Those who are on a budget can take this product into consideration, which also gives you an amazing performance.
  • GoPro Fusion- You can take this bad boy while going out for swimming or diving and capture the beautiful world under the water.

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Best 360 degree cameras in India

Here’s the list of best 360ᵒ cameras available on the market. Have a look and choose wisely.

1. Insta360 ONE X- Our Best 360-Degree Camera

We will be starting out with the best recommendation on the list, Insta360 ONE X is something that is simply amazing and can make 360ᵒ imaging superrr easy. The reason why we loved the product so much that it not only captures the action but also involves slick editing. Also, besides being one of the best products features-wise, the camera even looks aesthetically stunning.

This slimmer camera comes fully loaded with great features including high resolution and excellent image stabilization that can help you make the bumpiest video look so smooth. In addition to it, the ONE X can record a 5.7k video at 30fps and can capture a 4k video at around 50fps.

Not to forget that your camera also features FlowState image stabilization algorithm that helps you takes super smooth shots and also a TimeShift feature so that you can either speed up or slow down a certain section of your video.

One can easily connect their ONE X with an Android or iOS with the help of a Wi-Fi connection or simply by using a USB cable. In fact, your product even allows you to live stream your videos. Isn’t that so wonderful? Oh! Did I mention that its battery life is 1 hour that means you can easily carry on with the recording and capturing process for good enough time?

Con: The major drawback we found with the camera is that it is not waterproof and you need to get additional housing if you don’t want precious money to go wasted like anything.

2. Ricoh Theta V

If you don’t want to have the action cam, then there’s a superb alternative for you. The Ricoh Theta V is something you’ll like instantly when you see it or learn about it. The camera is slim and tall, and one can easily handle it with one hand while having easy access to the controls. Also, operating the camera is really simple and you don’t even have to use a smartphone app to start filming.

All you got to do is select the mode and click the shutter-release button and it’s done. Cakewalk right?

Also, using the smartphone is equally a breeze where you can browse the files both on camera and transferred to the app earlier on with great ease. And please note that the camera has an internal memory of 19 GB that is quite well. The app also comes with impressive VR viewing options and if you wish for something to edit your images, then you can go for Theta+ app.

Also, thanks to its 80 minutes battery life that allows you to do 4k video recording, 4k live streaming, and 360ᵒ spatial audio recordings (it comes with 4 microphones) with great ease.

Con: A few of the customers present out there have complained about the removal of mini HDMI.

3. Samsung Gear 360 – Best Budget 360-Degree Camera

For those who are low on budget but want a quality product to start with, Samsung Gear 360 is the one for you. Looks somewhat like the Ricoh Theta-V, but is quite cuter and gives a feeling of a toy robot.

This pocket-sized dual-lens shooter is just a perfect option for handheld filming, where you’ll also be provided with a tripod socket in the base. Operating and using the Samsung Gear 360 is absolutely breeze where you’ll be helped by a small LCD screen so that you can navigate through the camera modes like a photo, video, video looping, landscape HDR, or time-lapse easily.

Also, the accompanying smartphone app is pretty painless and provides you with an amazing range of viewing options. All in all, this Samsung model can provide you with still images that look quite softer and also the 360 video is pretty good.

Con: The camera comes with a smaller battery, which means that you need to carry around a USB-C-compatible portable charger for emergencies.

4. GoPro Fusion

Here’s yet another powerful, tough, and smart 360-degree camera that has a slimmer body, and is waterproof, though can go deep down to 5m only. The camera can record video in 5.2k resolution at 30fps. It is not considered amazing just because of its above features, but the main factor lies in its “Over-capture” thing that allows pulling out of regular full HD clippings from its spherical footage.

The best part is its QuickCapture option that starts recording on a single click, no matter your camera is on or off. Also, there’s a Photo Button present that does the same thing. In fact, you can make use of your voice commands and give instructions to your GoPro Fusion.

So, now you know which features that make this Fusion so impressive, add more to the list: GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, a compass, Wi-Fi, 3D audio, Bluetooth, and compatibility with already present GoPro mounts. What do you think about this ultimate thing? Would you consider it buying for your use?

Con: Operating and learning the controls of this highly innovative GoPro might seem tough to many consumers out there.

5. Kodak PixPro SP360 4K

Did you know that you can get a 235ᵒ instead of a 360ᵒ camera and shoot amazing clicks and videos, like all sky-video for a solar eclipse? Yeah, Kodak came up with the interesting thing that has just one spherical lens.

And not just this, the camera is every dustproof, shockproof, splash-resistant, freeze-proof, and can be easily connected to Wi-Fi and NFC that further comes with a lot of mounting accessories, which makes it worth spending every penny. The product is solid and you can carry it around in your pocket very easily.

Also, you can easily operate from a phone, upload to your social media platforms like Facebook or Youtube, and can make use of different software to get the best end results.

Con: First of all, this very product is a bit pricey and then people are not fully convinced with it 235ᵒ thing.

So, this was all you need to know about the best 360 camera. Before you make a purchase, we would just want to say, think how you wish to use your 360-degree camera. Once you know the purpose, the selection process will automatically become a breeze.

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Types of video cameras

Now, you should also know that there are two main types of cameras and you have to make a selection out of those types only.

  • Monoscopic: For the VR content, this type of camera is highly used by a maximum number of people. Now, what is VR content? In this type, basically includes the use of filming the video using one camera, and then the field of view of several different cameras are stitched together on a rig, in order to get the full picture. Also, the setup for this kind of video is mainly the involvement of around 6 several cameras in different field of view so that one can create a complete 360ᵒ experience.
  • Stereoscopic: This kind of camera uses two different cameras, which are designed for each eye. Also, the camera is mainly used for a 3-D experience. Using the camera is quite easy, all you need to do is just adjust the camera on a special rig considering what each eye should see and how do you want the final image to come. This commands your 360ᵒ camera to provide the vision and give a perfect 3-D/ 360ᵒ view. Also, don’t forget that the Stereoscopic’s resolution is just half of that of a Monoscopic camera. This is one of the main reasons why the monoscopic camera is always suggested more.

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Considerations in the Buying Process

After you select which model will be the perfect fit for you, it’s time to ponder upon a few more considerations for not only to make the selection process easier but also to get the best on the market.

Best 360-Degree Cameras
  • Lenses: Starting out with the most important factor, which is perhaps the most important one for any type of camera. With a 360ᵒ camera, it’s likely to find 2 lenses and you need to focus on the shutter time and the ISO range, in order to see if the lenses are able enough to film what you need to film.
  • Image Quality: Another important point you cannot neglect is the resolution your camera can produce. How you can check the quality of the picture is by looking for the number of pixels assigned in one frame. Higher the resolution frame, the better the quality video you’ll get.
  • FPS: FPS stands for “Frame per second”, is the next vital factor for a good camera. Well, if you can pay an enormous amount of money on your camera and all you need is the best film camera, feel lucky enough because your camera can capture at 50fps and more. Whereas, others should consider that their camera should capture at, at least 30fps.
  • Storage: We think you can’t demand more if your camera has enough internal storage. There are a few high-end models available on the market that comes with internal hard drives. Make sure if you’re not getting the highest quality film camera, your camera should have at least more extensive SD or micro SD slot.
  • Size of the Camera: Nobody would prefer holding a heavy camera while filming, thus convenience and portability becomes other prime factors while choosing the best camera. If you’re looking for the rig you can easily around and can fit into your bag, then a large-scale camera will not be the ideal choice. All in all, you must look for a camera that is portable and can provide you with quality images rather than going for a cost-effective model and a heavier one.
  • Battery Life: You will never want your camera get stopped in the middle of the task just because of low battery backup. Good battery life is required for the several cameras to run and click images from the 360ᵒ point of view. So, before you get your camera, check out its battery life and how many hours you need for shooting. It is good that you want to save a few thousand, but having a camera with that can last at least 40 minutes or an hour will be a smart choice.

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