Best Bluetooth Speakers in India – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If compared to the time where you need to take all the wires, a big boom box, was always worried whether you’ll get an electricity connection or not, portable Bluetooth speakers have made the lives much easier. These speakers are great for both indoor listening and can be taken for out-of-doors purposes.

Portable speakers are an easy and quick way to play music wherever you want. They are now available with some exciting features like better wireless range, waterproof, Bluetooth 5.0, smart speaker capabilities and whatnot.

But thanks to the thousands of models and brands available on the market, it can be a little challenging to select the best one. Also, it can be confusing what features to consider and which one to ignore.

Don’t take any pressure or get worried about making the right decision because we’ve done the homework for you.

Just sit back and sip your coffee and carry on reading our reviews and buyer’s guide on the top Bluetooth speakers in India.

Quick Summary For Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

For those who are in a rush and cannot go through the whole article, here are the top 3 choices you can select from.

JBL Flip Speakers: Speakers like JBL Flip 3 is the best waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker, which is considered the best in the all-rounder category.

Sony SRS Speaker: Sony is one of the best reliable brands that manufactures speakers with extra bass modules, excellent battery life, and have a compact design. Sony SRS XB10 is one of the great choices.

Amazon Echo Dot: Give the command to your speaker from a distance and it will play your songs immediately. With an amazing combination of Alexa voice assistant with crisp audio output, this speaker is surely a steal.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers in India – Reviews

Check out the list of the top portable Bluetooth speakers in India.

JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker

Those who’ve tried its Flip 3 version, will love this upgraded Flip 4 speakers. Fully waterproofed, better battery life, and amazing sound quality, the JBL Flip 4 has everything you expect from a wireless speaker.

It comes with a useful speakerphone feature and its microfiber covering makes it one of the most reliable pieces out there. Not just the fine build quality but the youthful design of the speaker complements well with it. It has 4 buttons alongside the dedicated button for JBL connect+ that ensure faster connectivity.

Talking about the sound quality, it is way better than the Flip 3 as it now works on 3.7 volts and ensures that you get the thunderous sound for your party. Also, JBL claims a 12-hour battery life that is again a great improvement.

The latest IPX7 waterproof technology allows you to take your speakers for any adventurous (water) activities.  Besides all these features, JBL offers a warranty for a year for maximum customer satisfaction.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Let’s get started with the most thrilling house party by getting this Ultimate Ears Boom 3. With a few new upgrades and outstanding features, the speaker is capable enough to stand in the queue of best speakers on the market.

The patented 360-degree surround experience, it offers some great thumping sound. Adding more to it, the unbelievable IP67 waterproofing and dust certification allow your speaker to survive for around 30 minutes underwater.

It is available in a 2-tone fabric that lends it an exquisite look. Besides its superb look, the speaker is known for its durability and is designed from motorcycle jackets and fire equipment.

Also, the maximum sound of 90 decibels permits you to call out for an actual crazy party or celebration. All in all, power-packed features with top-notch quality, the speakers are surely an option to be considered.

JBL Charge 3 Powerful Portable Speaker with Built-in Powerbank

JBL has made its name in the market and why not, the brand always comes up with a unique device that is capable enough to attract the customers. JBL Charge 3 is one of the rich speakers that are our next pick of the list, thanks to its quality sound and beautiful aesthetic.

This powerful portable speaker not only has Bluetooth streaming but it is also equipped with a built-in 6000 mAh power bank. It allows you to listen to your favorite music non-stop for about 20 hours. Isn’t it simply incredible?

The rugged rubber and hard-wearing fabric material let you take them for all your adventures.

Logitech X300 Bluetooth Speakers

If you’re on a budget and looking for a great device, these Logitech X300 Bluetooth speakers are the best pick that has all the possible features you were looking for. You can connect them to various audio devices by using a 3.5mm connecting wire.

You can even connect them wirelessly and it will always provide you with the best and crystal clear sound quality including deep bass and other utilities. The 12 hours of battery life makes you party non-stop, while its great design is simply perfect to match up your style.

Echo Dot Third Gen Bluetooth Speakers

We cannot leave without mentioning these wonderful Bluetooth speakers that are equipped with a voice commanded device through the Alexa. This smart virtual assistant lets you enjoy features like creating to-do tasks, play your favored music, voice interaction, weather reports, and other real-time information.

This superb baby also works like a home automation hub controlling smart electronic devices. One of the best picks under 5000, the speakers can be one of the top choices for those who don’t want to spend much.

Things to consider in a portable Bluetooth speaker

While buying any electronic device, it’s the first and foremost thing to know about the important pointers to consider while buying it. Here are a few crucial aspects you should always see before you grab your favorite portable speaker.

  • Audio Decoder: The decoding chip used inside the speaker is the prime reason for the best quality audio and sound. This feature is really important in wireless technology because the wired audio devices can directly derive the sound from the device. Make sure you check out the manufacturer of the audio decoding chip before selecting the speaker.
  • Wireless Technology: You might have seen that several renowned smartphone brands are removing the feature of head jacks. This is why a reliable wireless technology has become really important. Bluetooth 5.0 can connect up to 5 devices at a time and NFC is a few of them.
  • Weight: The reason why these speakers are called portable because of their lightweight that makes it easy to carry them around. See to it that you’re not going for a heavy speaker and that too without compromising on the battery life. After all, the battery life is vital.
  • Battery Life: No one wants to see the low battery signal, especially their party mode has reached a peak. Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries have become much more capable and they long for hours. Ensure that on an average, your speaker has 8-12 hours of battery backup.

Best Bluetooth Speaker Brands in India

To help you make your decision much easier, we have listed down the names of some popular brands in India that provides you with the best and reliable products. Have a look.


Amazon is one of the greatest online platforms where you can get everything you need as your daily essential. Also, it has put a step forward in the music and sound industry by launching its wonderful Amazon Echo with a lot of outstanding and attractive features.


If you want to hear the best sound quality and also, don’t want to compromise with the design, Beats can be the best choice for you. The brand comes with some brilliant speakers within a decent range and also has a lot more to proffer its customers.


Yet another fantastic and trusted brand in India, Sony provides you with a great range of speakers for various occasions. Once you get to know the different products and what this brand has to offer you, we are sure you’ll get shocked. They usually come in a smaller size. Also, their speakers are best known for better sound quality and sound clarity.


Who doesn’t know about this amazing and one of the most famous brands in the country? Probably the best brand and choice of the audiophile in the town, these speakers have wonderful sound quality.

They made the speaker keeping in mind 3 important factors: Convenience, style, and performance. From portable speakers to intricate home audio setups, JBL will provide you with everything. They are available at a great price and have the best design out there.


Last but not least, Philips is another brand you can surely consider for your next house party or road trip. These speakers offer you amazing sound quality and are known for their outstanding design.

When it comes to elegance and performance, these speakers are something you can rely on. Also, the brand is famous for its latest technology that indulges its customers completely.

So, this was what you wanted to know about the best Bluetooth speakers in India. Well, just like any other device, you might find a lot of similar products in the same range, in fact, from the same company.

All you need to do is decide your budget and look for the right feature you want from your device. After considering the important aspects you’ll be able to grab that perfect Bluetooth speaker you were looking for.

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