Best Camera under 15000 in India – Reviews

One simple question. Why do we click pictures or record something? Well, maybe these pictures and recordings work as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

Although in the era of great and advanced smartphones people are satisfied with what they do, there are people who need a camera because they want to enhance their photography skills, or they want it for their professional use, or maybe they want more new features.

Best Budget Camera under 15000 in India

One of the most budget and versatile camera under 15000, Canon SX620 HS comes with a 20.2 MP sensor along with Digic 4+ image processing engine. Either you are professional or beginner, this camera will not give any pain to your pocket.

Best Camera under 15000 For beginners in India

One of the best cameras for beginners under this range is the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX220/B Digital Camera. You will love its simplicity, this camera is for those who really don’t rely on smartphones camera and need a specific device for the photos and movies.

Whatever the reason is, the market of cameras is flooded with an ample number of models and types of cameras and one such type is a Point-and-Shoot camera. These cameras are used for basic operation in which you cannot change the lens as you do in a DSLR. They come with the best settings, easy-to-use, and are handy like any smartphone.

The best part is you don’t have to invest a lot in your camera to get the best shot. There are a few best cameras under 15000 available on the market.

Want to learn how to choose the best point-and-shoot camera under 15000 and top recommendations for the same? Have a look.

And give a read to the Best DSLR Camera under 50000, if you want something with more features and from a high range.

Best Cameras under 15000 in India

These are some of the best Cameras under 15000 you can consider buying.

1. [Top Pick ] Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H300 Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera.

Let’s get started out with our first point-and-shoot camera under 15000, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 comes with all the good features you wanted in your product.

Sony DSC-H300/BC E32 Cyber-Shot Point & Shoot Digital Camera (Black) 35x Optical Zoom with Camera Case
  • 35X Optical zoom lens with 20.1 MP Image sensor
  • HD video Recording with Optical SteadyShot
  • DSLR like creative modes Program Auto / Manual Exposure / Scene
  • Capture 360° of the shot with Sweep Panorama button
  • Built-in Picture effects for creative images

The camera comes with a 20.1 MP ½.3” super HAD CCD sensor that helps you click high-resolution pictures and HD 720p videos. Also, this camera includes a long-reaching 35x optical zoom lens and also gives a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 25-875mm.

Also, you don’t have to worry about shooting in low-light conditions and working at greater zoom magnifications because the camera comes with the Optical SteadyShot image stabilization feature that counters the effects of camera shake. In addition to this, your product also features a 3.0” 461k-dot Clear Photo LCD that helps in playback and monitoring the pictures and also helps in navigating the menu system.

Don’t forget about the 5 brightness steps that allow you to see in bright conditions. Besides this, the product includes an ample number of other camera effects to enhance the quality of your pictures like Beauty Effects, Face Detection, Picture Effects, 360ᵒ Sweep Panorama, iAuto mode and above all these features, the camera is powered by 4 AA batteries.

2. [Best Budget ] Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Digital Camera.

Our next pick for best cameras under 15000, this Canon model comes with shooting modes that not only suits the beginners but experts as well.

Canon PowerShot SX430 IS 20MP Digital Camera with 45x Optical Zoom (Black)
  • 45x optical zoom (24 - 1080mm) with 90x ZoomPlus
  • 20.0 megapixels sensor
  • Intelligent IS
  • Wi-Fi and NFC

One of the most budgeted and versatile point-and-shoot cameras under 15000, Canon SX620 HS comes with a 20.2 MP sensor along with Digic 4+ image processing engine.

Although you may find the same specs as that of an SX610 HS, Canon made some upgrades with this particular model in the area of optics, increase the zoom range from 18x to 25x, and providing the product with 25-625mm equivalent lens. Also, your PowerShot SX620 HS has this wireless connectivity, thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi and NFC.

In addition to this, this Canon model also comes with a 3” 922k dot screen and you can do 1080p full HD movie recording. All in all, SX260 HS’s longer lens, excellent image stabilization, some brilliant design tweaks, and outstanding photo and video quality makes up a fantastic product and too that in your budget.

3. [Overall Best ] Nikon Coolpix B500 16MP Camera.

One of the best camera under 15000 is here, Nikon Coolpix B500 is majorly preferred by a large number of people because the camera comes with top-notch features and is in their budget.

Also, those who want a simple and easy-to-use camera with a limited number of features, this Nikon camera is just perfect for them.

What we found really amazing about the camera is that it can take exceptional images with great details. The camera features a 40x optical zoom and brilliant 80x fine zoom. In fact, the model even has a Vibration Reduction feature that provides you with stable pictures to make up for your shaky hands.

Also, what will you love about the product is that B500 is really portable and you can easily handle it (in terms of usage). What else you need in your point-and-shoot camera? And if you’re an avid traveler or go on vacations frequently, nothing’s better than Nikon Coolpix because it is so light in weight (542 grams) and comes with a comfortable grip.

Last but not least, the camera also allows you to use its other amazing features like light exposures and short intervals so you can show some creativity with your pictures.

Now, you can also a 360-degree shot of any view with the best 360-degree cameras out there. Trust us, it’s really fun using one.

4. [ Beginners Camera ]Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX220/B Digital Camera.

Here comes our next recommendation, DSC-WX220/B is mainly loved by people who still don’t rely on smartphones and want a dedicated camera device. This pocket-sized camera is everything you need to make some flawless movies and stunning pictures.

Sony DSC-WX220/B Cybershot 18.2MP Point & Shoot Digital Camera (Black)
  • Advanced camera shake compensation for stills and movies
  • Enjoy one-touch connectivity with mobile devices via built-in Wi-Fi/NFC capabilities. Still shots and movies can be shared with mobile devices and the camera can be remotely controlled from a smartphone
  • The pocket-sized body houses a 10x optical zoom lens with a broad focal-length range from 25mm ; Exposure Compensation: +/- 2.0 EV, 1/3 EV step ; Self-Timer: Off , 10sec., 2sec., portrait1, portrait2 ; Power Source: DC3.6V (supplied battery)/DC5.0V (supplied AC adaptor)
  • The back-illuminated Exmor RTM CMOS sensor delivers high 18.2 effective megapixel resolution and low noise, BIONZ X provides 3x faster processing than the previous BIONZ engine and more detailed reproduction of high-quality images
  • Includes: Rechargeable Battery Pack NP-BN *10, AC AdaptorAC-UB10C/UB10D, Micro USB cable, Wrist Strap, Instruction Manual, AC Power Cord

Also, this ultra-compact camera comes with 18.2 MP Sonny sensor cable that leads up to ISO3200 standard sensitivity. In addition to this, your camera comes with an advanced BIONZ X processor that allows you to experience a great performance by your model. Look out for the camera quality in any smartphone and the first thing that always comes into the notice is the optical zoom reach.

The same thing happens with a point-and-shoot camera and DSC-WX220/B features 10x lens wonderfully designed with 25-250mm zoom range. All in all, this small bomb is just perfect that helps you to take bright and sharp clicks. And hey! Don’t miss out other amazing features of the camera that include full HD video capture, Wi-Fi connectivity, and adaptable 13 effect filters.

5. [ For Ultra Zoom ] Canon PowerShot SX430 IS Digital Camera.

The last camera on our list is this compact and light in weight 20 MP Canon PowerShot SX430 IS that features a modern Digic 4+ processor that helps in enhancing the image processing quality, 1.2/3” CCD sensor that helps you click bright, best quality images and with contrast value.

Canon PowerShot SX430 IS 20MP Digital Camera with 45x Optical Zoom (Black)
  • 45x optical zoom (24 - 1080mm) with 90x ZoomPlus
  • 20.0 megapixels sensor
  • Intelligent IS
  • Wi-Fi and NFC

Also, the 45x optical zoom power that allows you to get a closer shot of the subjects far away and the zoom plus technology that offers you to extend the zoom abilities of your camera up to 90X. Adding more to the features list, the camera also has a smart IS technology (Image Stabilization) that automatically does all the best settings and let you end up with a crystal-clear shot. Canon SX430 IS also features ISO sensitivity of 100 to 800 that allows you to take the picture-perfect shot even in low light conditions.

And the 3” wide LCD monitor that comes with around 230k-dot resolution and allows you to do a full HD video recording. You can make use of different shooting modes and show your creativity with the pictures and videos.

Furthermore, it includes many other great features like built-in flash, autofocus, Eco mode that helps you save the battery, built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity that makes sharing photos on social media a breeze.

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Features to expect from a camera

You’ve always been told that before you buy any product make sure you look for the features and settings you want from your particular product. This not only helps in making your decision easier but also makes it easier while comparing one model with the other one.

Best Point and Shoot Camera

So, here are some important features you can expect from your best point-and-shoot camera under Rs 15000. Have a look.

  • Megapixels: Megapixels in a camera defines the number of pixels it can capture in millions. Why this feature is so important because the more the megapixels are, you’ll end up with better quality pictures. Megapixels are present there on your camera’s sensor. And don’t forget that not just megapixels are responsible for quality images and videos but the size of a camera’s sensor is also an important deciding factor.
  • Optical Zoom: This is another one of the most crucial features you should not miss considering. The better the zooming option on your camera, you can get a closer view of your far-away subject. A camera with optical zoom, with the help of actual lens adjustment, gets close by and personal. The number in the optical zoom will show the variation in zoom between the most zoomed-in option and most zoomed out option.
  • Viewfinders: There are many cameras available on the market with viewfinders instead of an LCD screen that helps you to line up a shot. Though cameras with larger LCD screens are quite expensive, they offer you a better view of your framing. On the other side, some top-notch compact cameras are still available with optical viewfinders that are really useful for composing when it’s a bright light, while it’s tough with the LCD screen because of glare.
  • LCD Screen: While choosing the best point-and-shoot camera under 15000 make sure it comes with an LCD screen of the best quality. Also, it is recommended to go for a 3” inch LCD so that you can get the perfect preview of your shot. Just remember that high-quality LCD screens can offer you better color and let better visibility in bright light.
  • Image Stabilization: Yet another feature which is really worth considering while clicking pictures in low light. Image stabilization can help you in the situation when sometimes your camera select a slower shutter speed in order to get better exposure, while still ending up with a blurred effect even with a strong grip.

There are two methods that are often used i.e. optical image stabilization that can help in adjusting the lens to compensate for movement and sensor movement that can help in adjusting the position of the sensor to settle up for any shake. There’s one more method called digital image stabilization that can help in correcting the blurry effect after you click a shot.

  • Connectivity: You’ll find a number of compact cameras that comes with great Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. Why this feature so important for your best point-and-shoot camera because it gives you the freedom to control your camera remotely. Also, it allows you to share your videos and photos to your smartphone or computers with great ease without asking you to use the camera cable or remove the SD card.  
  • Camera Modes: With different models of camera, you’ll get various shooting modes that helps a photographer get the most out of their shots automatically. The best part is that your camera will itself recognize a scene without letting you waste any time in changing the settings.
  • Battery Life: An important factor you cannot ignore anyhow. A number of cameras come with their own rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so that you can use it for more time. Whereas, there a still some models that are powered by regular AA batteries, which is beneficial for those who don’t have access to an outlet.

Here we are done with what you need to look for while buying the Best Point-and-Shoot camera under 15000. Whenever in a doubt or you have any questions regarding which model will perfectly suit you, just keep what features you want from your device and the selection process will become a cakewalk.

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