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Best Destination Wedding Venues in Rajasthan

Weddings in India are definitely a happening mess. You get totally exhausted with the planning and preparation at some point but love the way it goes on. 

There is so much to be finalized in advance like booking for the hotels, caterers, think of the kind of decorations you need, and much more. Is there anyone reading this article who is getting hitched this wedding season? So, how are you going to make your day special and worth remembering for a lifetime? 

Destination weddings are a trend now and everyone wants to get the best place for their day. And one such place in India is Rajasthan where you can see a perfect blend of traditions and culture with royalty, and modernity too. 

In fact, the place has even become one of the choicest destinations as it offers some great venues that give you a brilliant Indian Royal feeling. Check out some of the venues in Rajasthan and make your wedding the best day of your life. 

Best Destination Wedding Venues in Rajasthan

Pick 1: Jaipur Marriot Hotel 

Let’s get started with one of the top hotels, which is unarguably present on the hit list of those who are looking for the best place for their wedding. 

Jaipur Marriot Hotel

And the reason why it’s always there on the list is its certified planners and their up to the minute services. Call all your friends and family living far and this huge Jaipur Marriot Hotel will take care of it as they can accommodate around 1500 guests for any event. The hotel even has 2 big and spacious halls. 

Also, if you’re the one who wants to organize a pure-vegetarian ceremony, this hotel in Jaipur can even provide you with the facility of an on-site kitchen. 

Pick 2: Umaid Bhawan Palace

Here comes India’s one of the last great palaces, which is not only known in India but considered as one of the largest private residences in the world.

The palace is spread across 26 acres of lush green that allows its visitor to witness the perfect blend of eastern and western architectural beauty. Once you enter the giant palace, you’ll get mesmerized by the luxury interiors full of gilt furniture, amazing artwork, and stunning murals. 

Those who are in want of a dream wedding can pick Umaid Bhawan Palace as their first choice. You’ll also get to see the real culture and traditions, a variety of cuisines, mind-blowing themes, and much more. 

Pick 3: Neemrana Fort Palace ( Near Delhi )

If I say that you can experience the royal feel on your big day, would you say no to it? Of course not because who doesn’t want to feel like royalty? And if yes then there’s nothing better than making advance bookings for Neemrana Fort Palace

Neemrana Fort Palace

This 15th Century Heritage Hotel is known for its rich history and charm. The reasons that make this fort palace in Rajasthan a class by itself is its 6acres of garden-palace, mystical hanging gardens, Ayurvedic spa, Roman amphitheater, two gorgeous pools, and country’s first zip-line. 

So, just get ready for all that dancing, singing, and a bit of jitteriness and see the magic the place can create with its uniqueness. 

Pick 4: Samode Palace

Royalty and Regality is something you’re definitely going to feel if you’re picking this one of the best wedding venues in Jaipur. Samode Palace has a number of picturesque locations to help you out in converting your dream wedding in reality. 

Samoda Palace

The palace has romantic Mohgul Gardens, beautiful Regal Ballrooms, Sultan Mahal, hall of mirrors, Sunset terrace, and a poolside venue. Also, this wonderful venue has accommodation for every event at your wedding. If someone has to define what Samode Palace actually means, it would be rich, rich in culture, history, and ambiance. 

Pick 5: The Lalit 

Now, who hasn’t heard about this big name? And what’s better than taking vows at this stupendous hotel? The Lalit take care of each and everything you always wanted for your big day, be it marvelous venues, landscaped party lawns, crystal ballrooms, or Quorum. 

The hotel can easily accommodate around 1500 guests and even provide you with party lawns that are just right to hold a buffet dinner or cocktail receptions. In the central courtyard, you can even enjoy the amazing water body and mind-blowing performances, which are arranged during the evening hours. 

Pick 6: Chomu Palace

The best part about this palace is that unlike other big names, the palace still maintains its original character and allows you to feel and experience the regality, luxury, gracefulness, and traditional lifestyle of Rajput Royalty. 

Chomu Palace

And the amazing thing about the palace is that it offers its people with best in the form of all modern facilities, comfort, and rich traditions. Once you reach the palace, you’ll see it is divided into different sections that include swimming pool baradari, Moti Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Janana Courtyard, Manohar Garden, Darbar Hall, and the main Courtyard. All in all, Chomu Palace is the perfect example of a blue-blood ambiance that blends amazingly with present-day style and old world kindness. 

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