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Best Drone Cameras in India – Reviews 2019


Love them or hate them but you just cannot ignore this beautiful invention, Drone Cameras.

No matter you’re an ambitious aerial videographer, or maybe a wildlife tracker, construction site mappers, a land surveyor, or just a drone hobbyist, they’re absolutely awesome. And when you look around the market, it is deluged with an ample number of different drone cameras.

But one some of those are available in India, so we come up with best drone cameras in India. Initially, it might seem a difficult task but once you know what you want from your product, you can get one in no time.

So, if you really want to buy a drone and wish to take some out of the way aerial photos and videos, this article can be a great place to start from.

Here, I am going to tell you everything you need to know before buying a drone camera and also the best recommendations for the same. So, here we go.

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What is a Drone Camera?

Before we start with anything else, let’s get an idea what actually a drone camera is? In order to help those who don’t know have any idea about the product.

Drone cameras, technically known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are multi-rotor that can be flown using remote controls.

The word itself now makes it clear that the whole device is nothing but a drone equipped with a camera.

All in all, these cameras allow you to see the entire world with a whole new way and open up new feasibilities for photography, surveying, inspection, mapping, and what not.

Professional Drone Camera in India

DJI phantom 4 is one of the best professional drone camera in India. You can buy it from amazon.in and it has all the feature we dreamt of in a drone. This drone have object-avoidance technology which makes it even better.

Budget Drone Camera in India

DJI Spark is for you if you are looking for a budget drone camera. Obviously, it don’t have all the features but for this price range, this one is something you can’t miss.

Best Drone Cameras in India

Pick 1 ( Recommended ): DJI Phantom 4

One of the best drone cameras you can buy in India, Phantom 4 is something really sturdy and rich in features.

The drone camera is constructed really well and what adds more beauty to its features is the advanced object-avoidance technology. Also, like other DJI’s, Phantom 4 also comes with a brilliant remote control that can easily be connected to the outstanding smartphone app.

The product can support 4k video recording and the gimbal design with the aluminum casing is designed in such a way that it gives you steady footage even if the camera is moving fast or changing directions.

Also, for better performance, the product uses dual lmus and dual compass. And for a neat and better landing, the product uses dual optical sensors and dual sonar sensors.

All in all, the drone camera is quite expensive but if your budget is not a problem and all you want is excellent features, Phantom 4 can be taken into consideration.

Con: The only downside we found with the product is that it is not easily upgradeable.

Pick 2 ( Best 4k Video in Drone ): DJI Mavic Air

What feature you want as a priority while buying a product? Well, for me it’s the convenience and quality of it so that it can completely meet my needs. And this amazing and foldable drone is something you need.

The drone is able to capture stable 4k video at 60 frames per second. This is one of the products you can easily fit into your backpack or in a jacket pocket as well.

Also, if you don’t have any issues with its 21-minute battery life, there are no lots of compromises to make. And according to the reports, the drone’s actual flight time can be as low as 18 minutes and for a number of people, the time is quite enough.

The reason being, they must have bought highly suggested Fly More Bundle with 3 batteries and believe it or not but it is totally worth it.

To add into its features, this small yet fast drone camera is able to perform a lot of neat tricks. What we found really amazing about Mavic Air that it can easily chase moving subjects, on a pre-coordinated path the drone can boomerang around them, and can even take a spherical video for an ultimate drone selfie.

Con: The area we found this product can work on is the panorama stitching. Also, the real flight time is only limited to 18 minutes, thus it won’t be a good choice for everyone.

Pick 3 ( Best Mid-Range Drone Camera ) : Parrot Bebop 2

If you want something that falls somewhere in the mid-range yet offers you fantastic features, Parrot Bebop 2 is the answer.

This is one of the products that use a fisheye lens and there’s no need to gimbal because it uses stabilization software.

Also, the best thing about this very model is that you’ll get judder-free video footage, thanks to its amazing construction of the chassis that make use of rubber dampeners and avoid vibrations during the flight.

In fact, if you want to make your baby even fancier, go get an additional flight controller and FPV headset for your drone. Otherwise, you can just connect it with your smartphone and control the flight.

Con: No doubt, the drone is really very interesting, but to enjoy some additional mind-blowing features like route planning, follow me function, and behind a paywall, you need to pay extra bucks that might ask you to invest more.

Also, the battery life is quite upsetting and you need to get spare cells for it. Yet another investment.

Pick 4 ( Best Cost-Effective Drone Camera) : DJI Mavic Pro

Though, as of now, DJI Mavic 2 Pro has overtaken the position, still, the Mavic Pro is considered one of the best drones in the market, and has become quite cost-effective as well.

This small drone camera comes with excellent features and also constructed very well. But hey! Don’t let its small size fool you, the drone can easily capture 4k cinematic and amazing shots at 12.7 megapixels.

Remember I talked about the gimbal quality of the drone, here’s good news: it comes with 3-axis gimbal that can keep up the hover for 24 minutes and can keep the camera steady.

In addition to this, the compact design of the drone is really easy to control with its remote control that comes with the package.

In fact, this baby has an amazing battery life that allows you to capture some fantastic shots you wish to. Assembling the camera is also a breeze and you can easily attach or detach the drone on the go.

Con: The only downside we found with the drone camera that you cannot remove the gimbal.

Pick 5 ( Best Budget Drone Camera ) : DJI Spark

Here comes one of the most approachable drones on the market, which is relatively cheaper, has some amazing gesture controls, and the best part is its colorful body shells that make it look aesthetically pleasing as well.

The drone can be easily controlled using your smartphone, but remember you’re going to have only this one unless you get yourself a separate controller.

The drone even has some interesting flight modes and provides you with mind-blowing performances.

For smooth videos, DJI Spark proffers Mechanical Gimbal stabilization, thus can be used for professional videos as well. That’s not it, the GPS navigation option of the feature makes it even more useful.

Con: The drone is really light in weight that no doubt, makes it easy to carry but on the same side will get affected by the wind during the flight.

Also, the low battery backup is another downside of this model as its flight time is just 16 minutes.

Pick 6 ( Best Drone for Beginners ): DJI Tello

Here’s an option for those who don’t wish to spend an enormous amount of money on a drone, still want one.

The drone can be controlled using your smartphone. One can close-pack this Tello boy and carry it easily to different places. DJI Tello has a 5 megapixels HD camera and can help you record 720p videos. The drone can go 50m above ground level and its flight time is around 13 minutes.

Welcome this reliable toy if you’re a novice and first, want to learn about drones and how to fly them.

Con: People have complained about the drone that it is unable to take bottom shots while flying. Also, sometimes the battery gets really hot after the usage.

Final Words: So, this was all about what you need to know before buying a drone camera. If you have never bought one, there are possibilities you will make mistakes with your purchase. What you need to do is, consider everything I have discussed above and avoid the risk of making a wrong decision.

Things to consider while buying a Drone Camera

Though drone cameras come with lots and lots of features, still you should consider a few of these important pointers to see which one is more apt for you.

  • DIY v/s RTF: With a drone camera you can select from two options, either get yourself a ready-to-fly (RTF) drone or DIY that needs to be assembled first.
  • RTF’s are a perfect choice for beginners. Well, they are little costlier than other products but saves you a lot of time on the same side. DIY drones ask you to assemble the components and repair the issues if any. This will take more time before you set your drone to fly. They can be purchased if you’re keenly interested in learning how this toy works.
  • Budget: Well, drones are something that is quite affordable and you can get a good one under your budget. Still, never go after a very cheap one and mainly that is made for low-quality plastic. This will only add up more and more investment in the repair. Also, they are even difficult to use. On the other side, commercial ones are a bit pricey and are also required t registered with the FAA meaning more money is to be paid. So, find one that doesn’t go beyond your original budget.
  • Flight Safety and Reliability: One of the most important factors you cannot ignore while buying a drone camera is safety. For a steady and hustle-free flight, make sure your drone has an enhanced flight controller so that it can follow your commands intellectually. Also, see if your drone camera comes with advanced obstacle avoidance system. In fact, many top models even come with a feature of auto return-to-home when the battery is running low.
  • Flying Time: There are a few models on the market that can fly only for 4-5 minutes, which means you cannot fully accomplish what you want. Check out for the best ones, which can fly easily for around 15-25 minutes. Not to forget that these drones are quite pricey. In fact, many of the manufacturers out there provide you with extra batteries so you can change them between the flights and carry on with your work efficiently. Otherwise, you can also grab a drone that takes a short time to get fully charged.
  • Portability: There’s no point left if your drone camera is not portable. After all, you won’t love to carry a heavy, large, and an inconvenient drone everywhere, especially who are buying a drone for traveling purpose. On the other side, smaller ones will be great no matter you want to take them on trekking or for the parties.
  • Imaging System: Get a quality drone camera and you don’t have to crave for high-definition images anymore. To see which bracket does your camera drone fit is determined by the ISO range, shutter speed, sensor size, and photography modes. If you want this toy for professional use, look out for camera drones with 1-inch sensors that can click around 12 megapixels photographs, video in 4k and RAW.

Another important thing you need to consider is the gimbal quality that can give you stable and smooth captures with flying high at a speed. If you’re looking for the best, we will highly suggest 2-axis gimbals and 3-axis gimbals.

  • Intelligent Functions: If you check out some top-notch drone cameras, you’ll get to see a number of smart flight options. The feature makes it easy to capture mind-blowing footage even in rough conditions. Similarly, there are other numerous functions you can get in your drone, so just check them out and then pick one.

Places to buy Drone Camera from in India

  • Dji.com: The number one website in terms of popularity and name.
  • Amazon.in: A place where you get a little bit of everything.
  • Getfpv.com: A website from where you pick high-quality fpv frames, components, and other related stuff.
  • HobbyKing.com: This one is the Walmart of radio control.
  • HeliPal.com: The website is based in Hong Kong from where you can order products from DJI, Walkera, Tarot, and many more.

Now, when you know what the product is, important tips to keep in mind while buying and from where to buy. Let’s jump into the next section that will help you select the best pick out of many models present out there.

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