Best Rechargeable Emergency Lights in India

Are you looking for Best Rechargeable Emergency Lights? Here are the top 10 emergency lights available in the market with their reviews and ratings.

Inverters have become really important in our lives, isn’t it? Only a 90’s kid can relate to the days when they have to look out for candles or batteries in case of a power cut.

No doubt, power cut is also quite common in the country nowadays but now advancement has brought a lot of solutions for the same.

A rechargeable emergency light is something that can be used at the time of crisis, but in the market full of an ample number of options, offers, and brands, choosing the right one can be a tedious job.

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But you don’t have to worry about anything because we have done the work for you. Here’s everything you need to know before you grab that one rechargeable emergency light.

Here is the list.

Best Rechargeable Emergency Lights in India

Are you ready to know which product can be the perfect fit for you and which one can fulfill your needs? Here are top rechargeable emergency lights that you can consider next time you move out to purchase.

1. Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern

Let’s get started out with the best and most rated product on the market, this Philips product is everything you need for your house or workplace.

This automatic rechargeable emergency light is just the perfect fit for your study room and kitchen applications, and the best part is that it automatically lights up when there’s a power cut. Also, both emergency light and torch are amazingly designed together in Philips Ojas.

An important point to pay attention to the model comes with deep discharge and overcharge protection feature, thus there’s no risk of short circuit. Also, once it is fully charged, the light can be used for 4 hours.

The model has 30-LEDs in the emergency lamp and 6-LEDs in the torch. Also, the product is really light in weight i.e. 820gm and is a 6W LED lamp. All in all, the product can be the best bet for home and personal use.

Con: The only drawback we found with the product is that it takes 8-hours to get fully charged. So, in case, you’re going out for camping, you need to take an extra pair of batteries.

2. Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light

Here comes another mind-blowing model you can choose from the list, this Wipro product is something that is not only fantastic feature-wise but look-wise as well.

The product is absolutely perfect for those who are looking for a light for their medium-sized room. Also, this high-quality product comes with a foldable hook so can carry it around easily.

The model features 84 LEDs, high battery capacity, 50000 hours LED lifespan and what not. Another feature that you cannot ignore is that the Wipro Coral comes with 360 degrees light so you can easily keep it in the center and enjoy. In fact, the rotary switch even helps you adjust the brightness of the emergency light.

The automatic cut-off protection helps to save the energy and of course, overcharging. All in all, if you’re looking for something you can take out while traveling, this one can be the priority, while the easy gripping handle adds to its ease.

Con: Again, this one also takes around 8-10 hours to get completely charged and gives you a backup time of minimum 3-hours. Also, there are a few complaints that the quality of its plastic body could have been a little better.

3. Eveready HL 52 Emergency Lights

Here comes this wonderful 3-in-1 emergency light that can be the ideal choice not only for your study room or table light but can be used a focused torchlight. And what we really love about this fashionable emergency light is that it can light up your surrounding for continuous 15 hours and those 39 white colored LEDs emits bright light at the time of power cut.

You can adjust the brightness according to your needs. Also, you don’t have to look out for your emergency light because it will automatically light up at the time of power cut.

The product’s outer body is made of plastic that requires no maintenance and is absolutely durable. Also, it comes with an amazing ergonomic handle that makes it easy for you to carry around from one place to another.

So, if you’re looking for something that can be used for multipurpose use and adds great value to your money, Eveready HL 52 can be taken into consideration.

Con: A few of the customers out there have complained about its charging cable and wish it was a little better.

4. Philips Ujjwal plus Rechargeable LED lantern- 360 degrees Emergency Light

Here comes another Philips product that can be taken into consideration. The reason why we are adding it into our list is that the product is really handy in construction and size as well.

The model comes with a great and new technology that makes sure a safe and long-lasting light source.

The features of the product include 40 bright LEDs, 360-degrees rotatable light for proper lightning all around and 250 lm Lumen that allows you to read letters clearly.

Isn’t it just wow? Also, the product provides you with deep-discharge and overcharge protection that is absolutely worth it in terms of safety purpose and battery life.

Con: All in all, this Philips product is a great choice but those who’re on a tight budget might find this product expensive.

5. Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern

Another Wipro model that can be an ideal choice for you, made of polycarbonate material that can last longer, known for its durability, and can be a savior in unwelcoming conditions.

To add more to its features, the product comes with deep charge protection, amazing LED panels, and ergonomic design. Another feature of this emergency light is that it can spread bright light for around 1.5 hours and dim light for another 20 hours, and you can adjust the brightness according to your needs.

Also, the built-in battery is 3000 mAh that makes it clear the backup of the emergency light is good. The handle on the top of your product makes it easy to carry around from one place to the other and in fact, you can hold it both vertically and horizontally.

All in all, Wipro Amber emergency light is a good quality product that you can consider while buying your savior product.

Con: The only drawback that this one doesn’t come with the 360-degrees feature. Also, the battery drains really fast when on high brightness.

6. Qualimate Plastic 714 Portable Rechargeable LED Emergency Light

Another option for low budget emergency light, this Qualimate light comes with 2400 mAh Lead Acid battery. What we found really interesting about this particular product is that it not only ensures an amazing battery backup but also high battery life cycle.

Also, do not forget that the product takes around 20 hours or more to get fully charged. Another thing about the product is definitely lightweight and less wattage consumption.

In addition to this, the emergency light has 52 LED lights. So, if you’re looking for something that you can use frequently, the product with amazing battery backup is just the thing for you.

Con: What we found was missing in the product was the 360-degrees feature and the cord length is also not very long.

7. Syska Rechargeable Emergency Bulb

Another brand that is in high demand nowadays, Syska rechargeable emergency bulb can be preferred while shopping for emergency lights.

The model comes with a 2000 mAh battery and lights up for around 3.5 hours in case of a power cut. And to let it work till its actual working time, you need to let it get completely charged for around 8-hours.

And the best part is you can even use this emergency bulb as your normal LED bulb when there’s no problem of a power cut.

Con: People have a problem with this Syska product that it doesn’t last longer that makes it wastage of money.

Things to see before buying an Emergency light

With every buying guide, you’ll be told how to select any particular product.

The reason being, if you already know what factors are important for your product and how certain points can make a difference in their quality, mechanism, etc., it can make the buying process much easier.

Best emergency lights

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Earlier, buying an emergency light was not a tough job, but with the advancement in technology and a number of good brands, you need to look for some vital parameters before you grab an emergency light for yourself.

  • Brightness: Well, even if you want to, you cannot neglect this factor because bright light is the most important thing you need when there’s a power cut. You might need to look out for things, or maybe need to your meter box to see what has happened. In that case, an emergency light with bright light will work.
  • Battery Powered: Of course, you’ll never want to buy an emergency light that has to be plugged in while using because then there’s no point left. So, make sure you get yourself the correct size batteries so that the lights can (actually) be used in case of an emergency.
  • Locking Handle: Whenever there’s a sudden power cut, you’ll always want to have a tight grip on your emergency light. So, make sure you’re buying a light with locking handle and you can easily hang it around your arm while looking out for things.
  • Ease of Use: If you won’t be able to use your lights then there’s no use of having a light with you. Well, nowadays technology has made it easier for you with some simple buttons that can be used single-handedly. But there are a few advanced models that come with programmable options and allow you to use other modes with just a single touch. Also, first determine how you would love to use your emergency light and then select the model.
  • Size: Another important factor that matters while choosing the right type of emergency light. Think for what purpose you mainly need an emergency light and select the size according to the same.
  • Water Resistance: Not just water resistant, you also need to see if your product is dust resistant, and can absorb shock. All these features matter a lot and that depends on what type of material is used and also the quality of construction. One can have an idea or can measure the water resistance ability of their emergency light by IPX scale. The lower number it shows, the least is the capability of your emergency light.
  • Durability: Since an emergency light is not something you need on a daily basis, thus durability becomes yet another crucial thing to consider. After all, you don’t want to have a dead product, especially when there’s urgency. So, make sure your product is durable enough and well-built.

Tips while selecting an Emergency light

  • Make sure you check what type of charging option is available with your light. See if it only supports grid charging or only solar charging or both. Then select the product that fits your needs and preferences. However, we prefer to go for an emergency light that supports both the type.
  • Try to always go for the LED option because of a few strong reasons: low power, higher light intensity, and longer life.
  • Battery backup time is another crucial parameter you need to focus on because it will decide how long your emergency light will work after it is fully charged. On average, most commonly found models on the market provide you with 4-8 hours of backup, but if there’s any model with more than 10 hours of backup, do not think twice.
  • The market is full ample number of products and models. Remember one thing that it is not necessary that two of the product with the same number of LEDs will come with the same light intensity. Make sure you check the light intensity of your emergency light while making a buying decision. If you’re looking for a study lamp, 450 lumens of intensity would be fine and if you need it for your medium-sized room, 1700 lumens of intensity will be perfect.
  • Battery charging time is yet another feature you cannot neglect. On average, the light should not take more than 9-10 hours to get completely charged. Also, see if your product comes with rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to change them frequently.
  • Ensure that you’re buying a product that comes with a protection feature against battery overcharging because the mechanism makes sure the battery has a long life.
  • Since the battery should not get overcharged, thus see if your emergency light comes with low battery indication. In fact, there are a few models on the market that even provides you with in-built protection against deep discharge to indicate low voltage.
  • Last but not least, see if your product is portable enough to carry from one place to another.

So, this was all you need to know before picking up that one emergency light for yourself.

Just analyze everything properly, consider what you need from your product, your budget, and everything. Jot them down and see which one can fit your needs.

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  1. Trust me, the emergency light is very important. Last time, we were into the triund trek and it became very difficult because we didn’t have emergency light with us.

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