Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit Bali

Bali, the island of the god, is indeed the traveler’s paradise which is warm and comfortable throughout the year. The sky touching pine trees, the organic rice paddies and the yellow-orange sunsets make it the best location for year long tourist footfalls. Bali has two seasons in perspective, Dry and Wet and both the seasons are completely different narratives from each other.

Both the seasons bring with them the pros and the cons and one needs to align them with their requirements and then decide the best time to visit Bali for them.


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Best Time to Visit Bali

Dry Season (May- October)

When the southeast winds send dry air from Australia that’s when the Dry season for Bali sets in. The rainy day and the humidity hits Bali around September. Bali’s dry season is just like most of the coastal areas, warm in the day and easy-breezy at night. Although during the dry season the humidity and the stickiness in the air are gone and hence it makes it more comfortable.

It is the most appropriate time to go for a trek or other outdoor activities at the famous spots like Mount Batur. Bali also known for its volcanoes traveler’s offers the smoothest journey during the dry season as no one wants to be stuck on the slippery volcano slopes during the day.

The shops, the hotels and all the other tourist spots are high-rated as it is the most commercial season. The annual Ubud Writers and Readers Festival runs during October and is a treat to all the bibliophiles. The annual Bali Kite Festival is also conducted within this season.

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Wet Season (September- April)

Bali’s wet season begins from September and lasts till April. It isn’t the most appropriate season to start your tour as you may find it too humid and hot and end up all sweaty just after an hour in the sun outside. But there is always a silver lining that the offers and deals are way more affordable.

The sun is scorching at its brightest on the top of your heads. January is the rainiest month out of all the months comprising of the wet season. You can enjoy major outdoor sports like Canyoning as rivers are at their brim best. It is also the best time to enjoy river rafting at the Ayung, Bali’s longest river. One can also experience the Balinese New Year which is celebrated as a Day of Silence where mostly everyone stays indoors.


Suitable Season to Visit Bali  

The best time to visit Bali is the Dry season as you can experience traveler’s plethora of activities without a trace of extremely hot climate.  It is also known as the high or the commercial season as the majority of travelers visit Bali during this season. Except for the Australians as they tend to visit Bali during the wet season more as that aligns with their holiday season. It is also known as the best season for activities and adventure sports scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

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