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Best Time to Visit Bangkok- Your Optimum Travel Guide is here.

Bangkok is one of the world’s apex tourist destination. The city is based in Chao Phraya River delta in central Thailand with versatile sights, captivating attractions and city life to appeal to a distinct cluster of tourists. It’s a major attraction for those who are inclined towards history and superior architecture because it has a lot to offer.

Travelling to Bangkok

However, when planning your trip to Bangkok, probably the most important thing to consider is the weather. Bangkok experiences a tropical wet season climate which remains hot and humid yearlong. Nevertheless, every season of Bangkok has much to offer in its own peculiar way. Let’s find out in details.

Best Time to Visit Bangkok

High Season (November through March)

The rainy season has ended, and preparations to keep up with “cold” begins, with average highs of 28-29°C, though lows dip down to mid-20s Celsius. This is when the city is often at its most pleasant, especially for comfortable evenings as well as bringing the zenith of the city’s nightlife.

The weather is conducive for sightseeing and relishes the festivals of the culturally affluent city. Festivities and events like, World film festival held in November, Loy Krathong Festival – One of the most picturesque festivals happens on the first full moon day of November, Makha Bucha Day (lunar Buddhist festival in month of February), the annual celebration of King’s birthday in December, and certainly the best time to visit Chinatown during Chinese New Year in late January or early February.

Indra Square Bangkok

Hot Season (April and May)

With the termination of March, the heat can feel oppressive during the day hence embarking the summer season coupled with soaring humidity. April is the hottest month in Bangkok, with the average high a blazing 32°C – and, sometimes it can hover to around 37°C, accompanied with 70% of humidity it makes things inconvenient, sticky and fuggy.

However, may mark the commencement of monsoon season, consequently cooling things off with 190mm of rainfall on average. Nonetheless, this season can prove to be promising for bibliophiles as international annual book fair is held during March-end and April. Adding to the rift, one can observe the authentic celebration of Coronation day of current King Rama IX and festival of Songkran a.k.a Thai New Year.

Other festivals like Chakri day and Visakha Bucha also rejoice in this season.  Attributing to, weather conditions one can save on flight and accommodation rates as well.


Monsoon Season (June-September and October)

The cat-and-dog weather has arrived with the rainfalls emerging coupled with rocketing humidity in the month of June. Augmenting the rains and humidity level of June approaches July, a month of average temperature and precipitation of 31°C and 160 mm respectively.

One can expect to see street flooding, but without battling the crowd as August and September observe the highest rainfall hence low flocking tourists. Conversely, tourists can enjoy the extensive range of indoor activities, like visiting shrines, aquariums and entertaining multiplexes as well as the numerous shopping opportunities owing to ‘Amazing Grand Sale’ which is one of the seasonal attractions.

Soi Cowboy Street

September and October are slightly calmer and damper. Your reward for going in any of these less-crowded months is the finest opportunity to save a little on both room rates and airfare.

On the grounds that we have arranged your decisive guide for the best time to visit Bangkok, nothing should halt you to plan that much-awaited trip.

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