Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit Ladakh

Who doesn’t love traveling to new places? I am sure you must have also made a wish list where you have written all your favorite places or cities you wish to travel to. Well, I have one and I am trying to complete that bucket list with full dedication. So, recently I’ve been to Ladakh and I am sure this place must have bagged a position on your list as well. And why not, Ladakh is one of the ideal places to spend the vacations and is certainly the perfect escape from the daily city routine. But before you think traveling to Ladakh make sure you know the best time to visit Ladakh because that is the only way you can experience what you want to. Come, let’s see what specific season has to proffer you.

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If you are visiting Ladakh in December do check our recommendations.

Ladakh Tour Recommendations

April to May

So, starting with the season when tourist season actually gets started and when most of the people plan to visit Ladakh. Well, the best way to be in Ladakh during this season is to take a flight because maximum roads are not opened. This time period is the best to experience the outdoors, explore some fantastic picturesque views, and participate in some adventure sports. And hey, don’t forget to put on protective clothing while indulging any adventure sport because the harsh sun rays might affect your skin.

Mid-May to July

During Mid-May, the Srinagar-Leh Highway gets reopen so you can book your Leh Ladakh tour and experience the untouched beauty of the place. But, by the time June come, the roads begin to open and makes it the perfect season for a long road trip. On your way, you’ll get to see beautiful snow-capped mountains on either side of the highways. Be ready with your cameras. Besides this, you’re also going to witness great passes on your way to Leh and Ladakh.

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August to September

Well, booking your tickets during monsoon season might not be a great decision because it can make your tour quite inconvenient. Driving on the roads of Ladakh is not at all safe because of the bad weather conditions that make road trips absolutely precarious. You may find some routes of the highways all right for driving but most of the parts are not fit for travel. Tough the place doesn’t receive too much rainfall during the season but that doesn’t even make it the right choice to visit Ladakh during monsoon.


September to October

Remember the last scene from the Bollywood movie 3 idiots and the huge lake where it was shot? Well, that’s Pangong Tso in Ladakh.September to October is the correct time to visit Ladakh and of course, the lake. Perfect climate and perfect roads make it possible for you to plan worth-remembering road trips with your gang. The weather is even right for experiencing outdoor activities. In short, this is the time when you can explore the place in the best way. Also, you can plan for camping near Pangong Lake. Doesn’t that sound really exciting?

October to November

Plan visiting Ladakh during this time period only when you have the courage to bear extreme cold because the temperature can drop down to 0ᵒ C during late October, in fact, maximum of the tourists start returning to their home. Only the Srinagar-Leh Highway remains open during winters and also it is totally vulnerable driving because the melted ice pours onto the roads.


November to March

This the season when the place is at its coldest. Tourists never prefer being there during this time period and this mesmerizing place looks deserted. However, a few of them plan to visit after January because of the very famous Chadar Trek that includes climbing up to the mountains while walking across the frozen Zanskar Lake. If you believe that you are a true adventurer and the only thing you want from your journey is THRILL, go ahead on this wild trip.

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