Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit Meghalaya

Meghalaya, the name which translates to Adobe of the clouds, is a prominent and luscious part of the seven sisters of India. The enriched biodiversity, the abundance of flora and fauna and the subtropics will leave you spellbound.

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It is one of hose all-year-round tourist destination in the Nation as it is also known as the Wettest place in the world. The best time to visit Meghalaya is from October to April.


Must Visit Places in Meghalaya: Kaziranga, Shillong, Cherrapunjee, Mawsynram, Guwahati, etc.

Best Time to Visit Meghalaya

Summer (April-June)

Escaping the hot and the tropical climate of the metropolitan cities during summers is always a good idea. Even on the hottest days, the temperature in the city never scorches above 28 degrees Celsius.

Hence, in the summer. One can opt for indoor activities in the afternoon to avoid the sun beaming at the top of their heads. Summer with itself brings a lot of regional and local festivals like Shad Suk Mynsiem which are always a delight to be a part of.

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Monsoon (June-September)

Monsoon in the Meghalaya’s starts with the onset of June. The temperature ranges from 15°C – 20°C. The state experiences abundance of rainfall considering it’s the wettest place on the earth.

The legendary Seven Sisters Falls and Nohkalikai Falls are spluttering freshwater streams like there is no tomorrow. However, the season can hamper the adventure and restrict the number of activities that you could be a part of during this season.

So, it isn’t the best time to visit Meghalaya but will fit your shoe if you are looking for a monsoon experience like no other. If you plan to visit the state during monsoon then one must make sure that they are geared up with all the rain essentials.

Winter (October-March)

The lovely month of October marks the beginning of the winter season here. The average temperature ranges from 4°C and 16°C.

It is also the time to celebrate the famous autumn festival along with other holiday season festivities. Winters can be a little harsh and chilly but at the same time, a good layer of coating can do the trick.

A little rainfall is rare but one should be rare for it. Some major tourist attraction includes Mawlynnong Village, Umiam Lake, the Double Decker Living Root Bridge, etc.

Best Season In Which You Can Visit Meghalaya  

The best time to visit Meghalaya is between the months of October to April. As the weather isn’t too hot or cold and one isn’t bombarded with unprecedented rainfall. The monsoon season can get a bit tricky as it may bring with itself uncertainties related to the hilly nature of the area.  

Summers are also ideal but sightseeing in the afternoon can get exhausting. If you are visiting for a specific reason or festival then the weather shouldn’t really determine the best time to visit Meghalaya for you.

However, if it’s in your bucket list of the travel spots for the year then October to April will be the right time to plan it.

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