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Feeling Phuket Yet? Find Out The Best Time To Visit Phuket

Phuket a tropical, rocky island situated in the Andaman Sea, has some of Thailand’s utmost prevalent beaches, mostly sited along the clear waters of the western coastline. The island is home to various high-end coastal, spas, island resorts and restaurants. Phuket City, the capital, has old shophouses and eventful markets. Here you will get to know the best time to visit Phuket.

Best Time to Visit Phuket

The weather sketchily differs between warm, cool and rainy. The high vacationer period is from November to February when it’s calm and dry after which it remains quite hot until May. Furthermore, Phuket is also the responsibility for all and sundry who would like to get pleasing experiences in this globally influenced city.

A monthly break-up of Phuket’s weather is listed down here so that you can decide the appropriate time for yourself:

November to February:

This is the coolest season as rain constantly diminishes giving rise to sunny conditions as November progresses. Owing to the finest weather, certainly this is the eminent tourist season of all.

The temperature contrasts amid 23°C and 30°C and fluctuates more around December being the coolest and February being the parched one. One can expect to find soother seas and blue skies accompanied by further crowded beaches and sophisticated prices. From exotic beaches for tranquillity, to exhilarating water sports like diving and vibrant nightlife, the city has it all. Since labeled as the ‘cool’ season, this is the most befitting time to visit Phang Nga Bay.

March to May:

March symbols the actual end of the dry season and the turn of the hot time of year, when average temperatures begin to sneak up moderately to a high of 34°C and sunny days are still the standards coupled with soaring humidity level. One can, however, witness the efficacious celebrations of Songkran festival, The Thai New Year in the month of April. As soon as May windups, the humidity rises to 90%, and it’s now the elevation of the monsoon season. Hence, you cannot afford to forget your umbrellas and sunscreen for this season.

June to October:

Downpour season in Phuket persists from month end of May till October. The temperature is altogether high at the average of 32°C escorted with the increase in the rain which classically comes in intense, short bursts, often in thunderstorms, so you’ll be able to appreciate plenty of sunshine in between with the cooling breeze.

However, the prices are curtailed and low, making this one of the most affordable seasons for the tourists. The rainiest months are September and October, positioning this to be the most peaceful time to visit, because of the narrowed crowd. Moreover, this is evidently the best time for shopping with great deals and discounts to get you pumped up enough.

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Current Temperature in Phuket

Tourist Attraction in Phuket

Talk about natural or artificial attraction spots in Phuket, there are numerous of both which include various sorts of activities. The best part about all of these tourist spots are that these are located in the closest proximity of time. Hence, it saves a lot of cost and time. Few of the spots that one can’t afford to miss are: The Phuket Buddha, Bangla Road specially at night, Similan Islands, the ever-green Night markets, Phuket FantaSea show at Kamala Beach are just amongst a few.

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