Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit Shimla

Raise your hands if you belong to the millennial generation and you have seen photographs of your parents and almost every relative having a gala time in the snow-clad mountains of Shimla.

This largest city of Himachal Pradesh and Queen of Hills had always been on the top of the list since long. And why not, this very famous tourist attraction has never failed to impress anyone, whether it’s any domestic or any international visitor.

Best Time to Visit Shimla

This all-year destination not only allows you to witness some picturesque vistas but also allows you to enjoy amazing adventurous activities. Shimla is surely the place where every season has to offer something distinctive to everyone and that goes like this, have a look at which is the ideal time to visit Shimla.

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Shimla in spring and summer (March-June)

Spring begins in Shimla during March and lasts till April, whereas May and June are considered the summer seasons in Shimla. If you want to enjoy the right weekend getaway in pleasant weather, Shimla can be one of those places where temperature usually remains between 16ᵒ-30ᵒ C and the days are quite warm. One of the reasons that make visiting the place really enjoyable is the melting of snow that has transformed the place into splendid green terrain and full of colorful-blooming flowers.

Also, why the season is more loved by the tourists hailing nearby towns and states because it is really accessible and of course, the perfect way to beat the harsh sun rays. You can indulge yourself in some fun and adventure activities that include paragliding, trekking, camping and much more. The only problem you might feel is that the place becomes crowded during these seasons and people who are looking for peace and some alone time might not want to be there.

Shimla in Monsoon (July-September)

This season is usually not recommended to spend quality time with friends and family because the place receives heavy rainfall and becomes more prone to landslides. The time period may exceed till mid-October, thus if possible, try to avoid visiting Shimla till the same time. The temperature usually stays between 14ᵒ- 20ᵒC and is seen as the offseason but those who love adventure and are not afraid of taking any risk can explore the place. In Monsoon, the country is so beautiful, here are other weekend getaways which you can visit near Delhi.

Another advantage for them could be exploring the place on a low budget as a large number of people do not prefer to be there during monsoon. Also, if you’re this brave step to visit the place, do miss witnessing the Ryhali Festival, which is celebrated with great pomp and show, in order to express gratitude to the Rain Gods by making an offering to them for good agriculture produce.

Shimla in winter (November-January)

Keep your aim right, hit that big snowball towards your partner and capture some wonderful memories because winter season is here to spread its charm all around the place. Visitors and tourists often pay a visit to Shimla have experience of snowfall and to be amidst those beautiful snow-capped mountains. Though the winter season starts by in November, December and January remain the coldest when the temperature keeps hovering between 8ᵒ to -6ᵒC.

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If you just want to experience some natural surroundings and spend some quality time at a new place, show your presence during the initial days of winter. However, you can celebrate the beginning of the New Year in the best way possible, if you visit the place as the season progresses. This is the time when you can let yourself participate in various winter activities, hiking or trekking in snow-covered mountains.  

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