Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the largest and most beautiful Islands that have gorgeous weather throughout the year. Still, travelers are often seen and asking about the best time to visit Tahiti. Well, visiting Tahiti has no bad or wrong time, it only depends on what do you want from the place. The island experiences 2 different seasons, winter and summer and the peak season runs from May to October. But which would be the best season for you will depend on what are you looking for. So, without wasting any time, let’s check out what every season has to offer you and its specialty.

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Weather Throughout the Year

High Season (July, August, and Mid-December to Mid-January)

Let’s get started with the busiest and peak season, August. This is actually the European holiday time and you would be amazed to know that half of France is on their go somewhere, and near the Christmas/ New Year time. Make sure you have done your hotel bookings prior to leaving for Tahiti because the hotel rates go sky high and a few islands like Bora Bora that anyway has a shortage of arrangements are bursting. Do proper planning and do not forget that December and January are the two months on the height of the wet season, where “flights are canceled” is not unusual, and there are possibilities of cyclones (but very rare).

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Shoulder Season (May, June, September, October)

Now, talking about the shoulder season, these above mentioned seasons are actually the beginning and end of the dry season, excluding the peak season August. You’ll find the weather during these seasons really comfortable that means mainly clear, dry, and mild. Traveling around at the time of any these seasons is quite easy and you can enjoy a number of festivals that started off May onwards like Tahiti Pearl Regatta, Flower Show, Heiva Dances, Ukulele Festival, Tahiti Nui Tour, Vaipahi Run, and International Graffiti Art Festival Ono’u.

Low Season (November to Mid-December and Mid-January to April)

Making plans during these seasons can be a little risky so be alert. The reasons being the seasons are in the wet season; it’s raining quite often, chances of cyclones, and the humidity feels quite unpleasant. Though the weather remains a bit unfavorable the hotel rates drop a lot and with a number of empty rooms guests can pull off. Although, one can find seats on inter-island plane, which is not a big deal but the flights usually get canceled due to bad weather or unavailability of passengers.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your tickets because you’re going to experience the beautiful Tahiti and its islands.

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