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Best Water Purifiers in India – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide


If you or your family suffer from water-borne diseases quite often or your drinking water smells bad, looks polluted or tastes different, it is high time you need to get a water purifier installed.

Nowadays, everything from air to water and food is contaminated but thanks to the advanced technologies, you can at least have pure and safe water to drink.

A good water purifier is the ultimate way you can take care of your families’ health easily.  RO water purifiers come in the combination with technologies like UV, MF, and UF, their motive is to remove all the possible impurities and excess dissolved solids from the water.

Now, since a healthy body asks for healthy water, your final decision should be a well-researched one. Choosing the best water purifier is no big deal. Your friend could suggest one he has installed in his house.

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However, with several models and brands available out there, picking up the best one with all the features you want can be quite challenging.

So, here we are with the complete guide to buying the best water purifier.

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Best Water Purifier in India

Here is your list of best water purifiers in India. Just go through it once and see if there’s any product that can meet your needs.

1. Kent Grand Plus RO+UV+UF with TDS Controller Water Purifier

The water that runs through your taps, be it the underground water of the municipal one, neither of the types is safe for drinking.

This is the reason why people are going for RO water purifiers for their homes. However, there’s one thing, which is better than the RO- A mineral RO water purifier. Besides the advantages of a quality RO purifier, it allows you to reap the benefits of added minerals in your water that helps in encouraging good health.

Kent Grand Plus is one of those purifiers that is known to provide you with safe drinking water and ensures good health. Its latest technology helps in purifying your water and adds important minerals back to the water that somehow gets lost in the filtration process. That is how you get tastier and healthier water with every use.

The water purifier can store 8 liters of water to meet your daily water requirements with great ease. It is also equipped with double water purification and the patented mineral RO technology of the purifier is just amazing at this price.

Also, it can help purify any type of water you’re supplied with, as this bad boy knows how to get the job done right.

Why Consider:

  • Latest mineral RO purifier with UV and UF technology
  • TDS controller to help control the hardness level of water
  • Filter change alarm
  • Water level sign

2. Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO+UV+ Mineralizer Water Purifier

They say the water should not be extracted to an extent that it takes away the essential minerals as well. Livpure Glo follows the same saying and provides its users with fresh and safe water while maintaining the goodness of important minerals.

The purifier uses the advanced UV and RO technology and the mineralizer of the water purifier takes care that the necessary minerals are not thrown out that make your water healthy.

This 7-liter water purifier is designed in such a way that it can convert your tap water into a drinkable liquid at the rate of 1500 ppm. The purifier can provide you with a 12-liter of water every hour and can store 7-litre easily. Adding more to it, Livpure follows 6 wonderful stages of cleaning to give you an excellent tasting glass of water.

Why Consider:

  • Budget-friendly water purifier
  • Six steps purification level
  • Mineralizer for safe and healthy water
  • Quality water storage tank made from food-grade plastic

3. Aquasure from Eureka Forbes 6- Litres Ro+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Here comes one of the most reliable and amazing brand names in the world of water purifiers. Aquasure is one of the top picks from the same brand that is built nicely and comes with UV and MTDS.

Talking about the MTDS feature- it is quite a steal in a country like India where people get water from a wide range of sources. The technology helps in offering the taste you like.

Smart energy-saving technology is one of the best features that any water purifier could ever provide. Unlike other models, that makes their filters keep running even after the tank is full, Aquasure cuts off the power right after the tank gets full. That way it saves up the usage of unnecessary energy and allows you to save on your electricity bills.

Why Consider:

  • Energy-saving feature
  • The capacity of 6-litres with water level indicator
  • MTDS technology that allows you to manage the taste of water
  • Efficient 230 watts

4. HUL Pureit Classic RO+UV 5-Litre Water Purifier

One of the main reasons why we have added HUL Pureit on the list is that it comes with an in-built voltage guard. This feature of the purifier keeps it safe during extreme high or low voltage fluctuations. The water purifier has a high-grade plastic body and a water tank made from food-grade plastic. This efficient and long-lasting purifier has a capacity of 5-liters.

Adding more to its features, it purifies the water with the help of the six-stage filtration process that eliminates the level of contamination to more than 90% accuracy. The TDS controller of the water purifier can manage the water hardness level at the rate of 1800 ppm.

The filtration system and cartridges of the product are made using larger blocks, so the water stays in contact with filtration blocks for a longer time. The process helps in providing you more purified water with better efficiency.

Installing the HUL Pureit filter is quite a breeze and involves you in a hassle-free job. And it sleek and stylish design is perfect enough that goes with the interiors of your kitchen.

Why Consider:

  • Advanced technology with RO+UV+MF+TDS controller
  • Built-in voltage guard
  • One year warranty

5. Blue Star Aristo RO+ UV Water Purifier

We cannot leave without mentioning this solid and stylish water purifier that comes with a 6-stage water purification process that includes sediment filter, pre-filter, pre-carbon filter, post-carbon filter, UV lamp, and RO membrane.

The best thing about the water purifier is that it uses a double-layered purification process and your water will first go through the RO membrane and then the UV lamp that further makes sure that all the impurities are removed from the water. One of the best features of the water purifier includes Aqua Taste Booster that works with calcite media to maintain the right pH level and taste of the water.

Another distinct feature of the water purifier is its child lock, which is a small button present on the tap. Press it once and the feature will put the tap out of the action and will deactivate the dispensing of water. Thus, make it a safer option if you have kids at home.

Why Consider:

  • Appropriate for water from all kinds of water sources
  • Make sure that it maintains the alkalinity of the water
  • Child lock helps in eliminating wastage of water

7. Pureit Mineral Classic RO+UV Water Purifier

If you’re looking for a budget water purifier, the Pureit classic can be an option worth considering. It comes with a storage capacity of 6 liters and is the best option for small and medium-sized families.

The RO membrane present in the water purifier can eliminate all sorts of hard metals and harmful salts from the water and can work up to 1800ppm TDS levels. Also, what makes this budget product amazing is that the purifier is made of engineering-grade and food-safe plastic that reduces the chance of bad smell and water leakage.

Where the 6-stage purification process can remove all the commonly found impurities, on the other hand, the RO membrane makes sure that all the dissolved salts, bacteria, and viruses are removed from the water, hence, improves the taste of the water.

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How to Choose the Best Water Purifier

When it comes to good health, each decision matters. Pure and safe water, which means free from contamination, is very critical that keeps your family disease-free. Here are a few points you should consider while buying the best water purifier for your home.

Water Quality: The first and foremost thing that will help you decide what type of water purifier will go right in your home. Before you buy a purifier, make sure you get the water checked. Water hardness and TDS level should be the priority. In case, the water supply at your home is hard and has a high TDS level, this means the salt content in your water is higher and you should go for RO water purifier. Moreover, if the opposite happens, meaning if the water is soft, a multi-level carbon filter will be enough.

Budget: Investing in any device will ask you about your budget. If you go with the most basic version of the water purifier, chances are high that you will not get all the features. Whereas, if you go with the best features and everything, it might ask to spend a little more. Choose the best one that fits in your budget.

Storage Capacity: Another important factor you need to consider is the storage capacity in the water filter. It should be perfect enough to meet your daily requirements for kitchen and other use. If you ask for a suggestion, an automatic purifier is the best option to go for, as there; you do not need to do anything. After the water level goes down, the purifier will automatically start filtering.

Check Water Contamination: The whole purpose of getting a water purifier is to eliminate all the harmful bacteria and viruses present in it that can make the water dangerous to drink. You always need to check what kind of contamination is there in your water supply because not every water purifier can remove every type of contamination. For removing a high contamination level, UV+UF+RO can do the job right, but if there is just the nature of sediments and bacteria, you can easily go for carbon filter with UF.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is important no matter which type of water purifier you have in your house. You should replace the cartridges at least once a year. Besides, it asks you to confirm the support you will need before you pick your water purifier. Also, check if the after-sale services are good or not.

Warranty and Certification: Wait! Do not pick the water purifier now. Have you checked the certifications of the water filter? Well, it is important to help you determine if the product is genuine and ensures quality or not. In addition to this, you need to check the warranty of the product as well.

Why Consider:

  • The water purifier is affordable
  • Comes with a water-level indicator
  • 100% water passes through RO

Now, along with the guide on how to select a good water purifier, you have the list of best water purifiers that are available on the market. Buying a quality product is not a big challenge. All you need to do is consider the given points and go for the one that can fulfill your needs.

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