Best Waterproof Camera in India- Reviews and Rating

Summers are around, chances are high you want to move out to a place where there are beaches or a place that receives rainfall during these months. After all, the motive is to only beat the scorching heat, right? So we came up with the best waterproof camera available in the market, which will help you in buying the best one.

Well, that’s one thing, but have you decided how you’re going to capture beautiful moments from your vacation like when under the water or while it’s raining, because this the time when you cannot take out your smartphones but a top waterproof camera can come in the picture as a savior.

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No matter where are you going, on a beach, for diving, or any other place, we have got you some best waterproof cameras that will make you believe that water and electronics can become best friends.

But before that let’s take a look at some important parameters you need to consider while buying one.

Best Waterproof Cameras in India

We know you cannot wait to see which camera can be the best choice and which one can meet your requirements? Without wasting any minute, let’s just jump into the next section of the best waterproof cameras available around you.

Pick 1: Olympus Tough TG-5- (Best Overall Waterproof Camera)

The name itself says TOUGH and just like its name, the camera holds a strong reputation as well in the market.

The camera not only stands out in terms of excellent images and videos but can handle any type of conditions or I should say tough conditions with great ease.

Amazing controls and well-designed ergonomically as well make it such a pleasure to use in any type of climatic conditions. And you would be shocked to hear that TG-5 actually came up with the pixel count of 12MP, whereas TG-4 has 16MP. It’s true that the resolution came down a bit, still, it delivers outstanding performance.

Your product even comes with built-in Field Sensor System, you can generally find on the TG tracker that includes pressure, compass, and temperature sensor and GPS sensor.

Just download the Olympus Image Track App and you can see all the data that is displayed with the videos and pictures. Also, the camera has the advance TruePic VIII processor that allows you to record 4k video at 30p or in fact, a high-speed capture at 120p too that in full HD.

Con: What downside we found with the product is that the zoom control is quite complicated to use.

Pick 2: Nikon CoolPix W300 (Best Deep-Diving Waterproof Camera)

Any deep- water diver or deep-water explorer out there? Well if yes, we have a great pick for you as well. Nikon CoolPix W300 can be your best bet that comes fully-packed with mind-blowing features.

The camera can work down to the depths of 40m, has an outstanding GPS system, fantastic world map, a barometer that helps you by giving underwater information such as depth and altitude, Wi-Fi connectivity, electronic compass, and an underwater depth gauge to boot.

You can even pair up your CoolPix with SnapBridge technology that allows fast image transfer, thanks to its Bluetooth function. And not to forget that the superb shockproof rating of 2.4m protects your bad boy even more against knocks and bumps.

All in all, if you want a waterproof camera that can provide you with impressive images, video stabilization, and white balance, this can be your pick.

Con: Some consumers have complained regarding its built-in Wi-Fi and no ‘raw’ shooting. Though, if you are okay with the JPEG’s, the camera can become your best friend while going for a deep-dive.

Pick 3: Fujifilm FinePix XP130 (Best Budget Waterproof Camera)

If you feel like that the above mentioned waterproof camera cannot fit into your budget, here’s a recommendation for you. Well, if you compare the model with other ultra-rugged cameras, you may not get many exciting features.

Though the camera might not be the first choice for an active user, it works really great for family vacations that happen seldom in a year.

The Fujifilm comes with sensor-shift image stabilization that makes you take sharper images, no matter if there are bad lighting conditions. Other features of this fantastic model include Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi option, and an electronic level function to make sure the horizons are absolutely straight.

This simple to use XP130 can also be a great choice for those who love to add a bit creative flair to their pictures, thanks to its fun filters.

Con: The camera doesn’t have a GPS, doesn’t include 4k video recording, and some consumers have complaints regarding its image quality.

Pick 4: GoPro Hero 7 Black ( Best Waterproof Action Cam )

Your search for best action camera ends here because we are here with this highly suggested GoPro Hero 7 Black that comes with amazing HyperSmooth image stabilization and can capture super-smooth 4k videos and too that at up to 60 fps.

Do you know what the best part about having this GoPro is? It allows you to live stream your activities while you can capture them side-by-side to the internal memory card. Another great feature of this bad boy is that the camera is waterproof without housing up to 10m.

Also, don’t forget to make use of its QuickStories feature that allows you to quickly cut together and share short clips. In fact, the camera can not only take an outstanding 12MP still pictures but can also shoot raw files.

Con: Those who have set a specific budget, this action camera might look expensive to them. Also, the touchscreen might seem a little complicated to use.

Pick 5: Ricoh WG-50

It won’t be incorrect if we say that Ricoh WG-50 is yet another amazing waterproof camera in the list of tough cameras.

You’ll be amazed to know why we are addressing it as one of the toughest cameras out there because this beauty is absolutely crushproof around 100kg. Honestly, we cannot demand more in terms of this area.

In addition to this, the camera has a built-in macro ring light on the front of the lens that offers even more illumination for better images of small scale subjects.

The camera has a feature of a 5x optical zoom that works quite well and the setting to record slow-motion video at 120 fps is also another great addition to the list of features.

All in all, Ricoh WG-50 is an appreciable option that can be carried around easily. Due to its durable nature, the camera is quite preferred by skiers, boaters, sportsmen, and almost everyone who loves any kind of outdoor adventure.

Con: What people don’t really like about this waterproof camera are the low-resolution screen and sluggish autofocus. Plus if you’re looking not just for a quality product but also one that looks aesthetically pleasing, you may have to look out for some other model.

Pick 6: Sony RXO

What if we say we have one of the best waterproof cameras that have 1 in sensor, can produce much richer, cleaner, and quality images and too that with reduced noise? Well, yeah that true.

This fabulous Sony RXO is something all the high-end users were looking for. The camera comes with touchscreen LCD, you can capture a slow-motion video in full HD, has a high frame rate, and the best of all you can record a 4k video by simply hooking it up to an external recorder. But not to forget that all these mind-blowing features don’t come cheap, you need to pay a big amount for the same.

We should say that the camera is by far the most expensive one amongst the maximum number of options available on the market.

Con: The only drawback of this stunning tiny body is that it is not affordable for everyone. But if you can manage to get one, we guess don’t not any other product then.

Pick 7: Panasonic FT30 ( Affordable Recommendation )

Are you looking for an affordable waterproof camera? If yes, Panasonic can be a great fit. Though it doesn’t come with world-class specs, when it comes to price range, people prefer Panasonic over any other brand.

Also, what makes this superb FT30 even more attractive, that its super-slim body can get easily fitted in the pocket of your jeans? And remember that the camera doesn’t have a safe grip, so you might need to get a wrist strap, in order not to lose it from your hands. 

Talking about its versatility, the camera is best-suited to capture your water adventures in still form. Though, if you love making or recording videos, its lower video resolution of 720p won’t look satisfying to you and might need to look out for some other waterproof camera from the list.

Con: The drawback we found out with this Panasonic model is that the lens has a quite narrow max aperture.

So, this was all about the top waterproof cameras available in the market. All you need to do is consider the tips mentioned above and select the best one accordingly.

Oh! Since we love and care so much about you that we don’t want you to leave the page soon. So, here we are with the last segment that includes some tips on how you can take better underwater pictures and videos with your waterproof camera. Have a look.

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How to improve your Underwater Photos and Videos

  • Always make sure that the compartments are sealed properly because if you let water to enter into the camera, otherwise it will be damaged and possibilities are high that you won’t be able to use it again. Ensure you read all the instructions on your particular model if you wish to keep such damages away.
  • There are a few models present out there on the market that comes with a chest strap so that you can use your camera hands-free. Well, nothing could be better than this way, if you want to take the best of best videos and pictures.
  • Having a selfie stick with your camera can be the best thing, in order to shoot some great images and videos from a different point of view. Just be careful while doing such shoots and take care of people around you. Also, before you take your selfie stick, see if the particular venue allows you to do so or not. Because a few museums and stadiums don’t allow.
  • There are a few waterproof cameras that come with brilliant macro or close-up features. In that case, you can make use of circular flash diffuser by fitting it around your camera lens. That way your camera can offer excellent illumination for those small-scale objects/subjects.

So, all you shutterbugs out there, are you ready to explore the gorgeous underwater world? Gift yourself the best one and go ahead.

Factors to consider while buying a Waterproof Camera

If you’re planning to buy a waterproof camera but don’t know how to select the best one, here are a few factors you can ponder upon during the buying process.

Waterproof Camera

Camera Features

  • Housing: This is the feature that makes sure your camera is completely sealed so that water won’t get in. With different camera models, housing is also different, like a point-and-shoot camera comes with only one housing, whereas with a DSLR camera you can get a number of options. So, it’s important to check this very feature while buying your camera.
  • Ease of Use: Next, you need to see how easy it is to operate the camera. Basically, you should feel comfortable using the camera controls while the housing in on.
  • Manual White Balance: If you’re planning to go and shoot without strobes, make sure you look out for this feature. For those who don’t know when you take pictures in the water, due to the water’s properties, your pictures will look blue because of natural light. Thus, in order to remove the color cast, your camera should have a manual white balance option.
  • Lenses: Lenses are another vital thing you cannot ignore as they are important for capturing wide-angle or closer macro images. If you’re planning to get a point-and-shoot camera, see that it comes with a housing that allows you to use different lenses. And if you’re going with a DSLR, see if the lenses are a perfect fit for your camera brand.


Of course, brand matters a lot while buying any product, the next important thing becomes your budget. Make sure you set a budget and see which one suits you the best. What we really love about these waterproof cameras is that they come with GPS, Wi-Fi, and other cool features that help you share and record easily.

Size and Weight

Well, you’re going to take your camera underwater while already loaded with clothes and big dive equipment. So, it is advisable to choose a camera that is light in weight and let you complete your work with great ease.

Now, when you know what features you need to look for while buying your product, let’s check out the list of best waterproof camera available on the market.

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