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Canada Tourist Visa for Indians

Forget about others, any Punjabi out there who are trying hard to get that Canada Visa? Just kidding. Well, Canada is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and a good number of visitors and travelers come here every year to spend their vacations or just to meet their loved ones.

If you’re planning to apply for the Canadian Visa, let me tell you even if you’re an Indian passport holder, the process if totally breeze. In fact, the new Tourism Vision of Canada, they are planning to be in the list of top 10 international destinations in the world by 2015, thus, the government is providing the visitors with amazing facilities and encouraging more and more visitors to be a guest of their country.

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Applying for Canada Visa Application in Paper

Visa Forms and Fee

To get started with the process, you first need to download the forms and documents checklist from the VFS Canada website. A good part about the Canadian visa forms is they are short and few in number juxtaposed to any other visa applications. According to the latest information, CAD 100 is charged as Canada Visa fee for Indians for both single and multiple entry visas, which is acceptable for 10 years.

Though when you’re connected to the internet, visitor’s form must get filled and the entire process needs the latest version of Adobe reader (11.0). Since you cannot sign electronically, ensure that after completing the form you click on the validate option on the top of the form. This will further create barcodes at the end of the page. If somehow you want to make any changes, remember you need to validate it again. Print out 2 copies of the same, mention the date and sign them.

Flight and Accommodation Bookings

When you apply for a Schengen visa, you’re asked to show the confirmed flight and hotel bookings, which might be quite a risky thing, so make sure you do the bookings that are refundable. Check out for the hotels giving you a complete refund on your cancellations. So, this is the time where you need to act smart. Now, once you get your visa, just cancel out your deals and book the places where you actually want to be.

Cover Letter and other Documents

Cross check with the VFS Canada website and once you’re sure that all the documents required are ready in the same order, pen down a short cover letter telling why you want to be a guest of Canada, how you’ll be covering your expenses, mention it if you’re having any invitation letter, are there any countries you have received visas for in the past?

Multiple Entry Visa Option

Canada is definitely one of the countries that never disappoints you and always leave an impression to invite you time and again. Being an Indian, having a multiple entry visa to a country comes with its own benefits- it’s valid for almost 7 years, getting the visa on the arrival in a few other countries, and also when you wish to apply for other visas, it automatically adds to your credibility.

Seeking for the Visa at VFS

There are 10 visa centers of VFS for Canada across the country. In case, your town or city doesn’t have this facility, you can simply contact a travel agent or just courier the documents.

If still, you’re not able to understand the things, reach out the VFS helpline and make confirmations. You can submit your passport at VFS any time from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon or 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. You don’t have to book an appointment for the same. Get your token number once you reach there and make sure you have all the correct documents with you. The whole process is really simple then.

Collect the Passport

Well, officially it takes around 10-14 days to get all the process done but if you’re lucky enough, you may get yours a bit early. Make sure while submitting your passport, you sign up for the free SMS/ e-mail alerts, so that you can keep an eye on your application online.

Applying for Canada Visa Application Online:

Get all the answers to the questionnaire

Here, a questionnaire needs to be filled that includes 20 odd questions to decide your eligibility. And the questions will be like this, what is your purpose for traveling to Canada, do you have any relatives there, for how long you’re going to stay there and many more. Nowadays, while applying for Canada tourist visa, whether you know someone out there or not, Indians are liable to be eligible to apply.

GC Key and Security Q&A

Remember before you start applying for the application online, you need to make a Government of Canada Key and security questions and answers. That way you can have access to your application in a breeze.

Upload your Form and other important Documents

Unlike you do things while filling out the visitor’s form in the paper application, here there’s no need to take the print out of the form or barcodes. The number of supportive documents required will remain the same. Just ensure that you have some clear photographs with you and scanned copies of all the documents.

The Declaration, Credit Card Payment, and Electronic Signature

After you’re done with submitting all the documents, it’s time to fill the Declaration and Electronic Signature Page, and a payment of 100 CAD using the credit card.

Submitting the Passport

Here comes the ‘Elbow Grease’ part. If by any chance you’re thinking that you don’t have to show your presence at the VFS Canada because you’re applying online. Stop thinking that because you’re absolutely wrong. You need to go to submit your passport to affix the actual Canada Visa on that. Again, you don’t need to make an appointment and the processing time is around 7-10 days.

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