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Har Ki Dun Trek – Trekking In Uttarakhand

Paula Bendfeldt once rightly said that “Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell”. And to justify the statement, I believe nothing is better than going on a trek.

Finding a food stall after wondering for hours trekking and is surely a sight for sore eyes (Just for an instance). Nothing can match the level of happiness when you put a lot of effort into exploring a place and ends up with the results out of the world.

Har ki dun trek is one of the treks hidden in the bosom of Gharwal Himalayas is the right trekking expedition that you have been looking for. So, here are details regarding the Har Ki Dun trek, if you really wish to be there soon.

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Har ki Dun

About Har ki Dun Trek

See to it that before you decide to visit to a new place, you already know the background and bit about the specific region because that not only makes our journey much easier but also more entertaining.

It’s just about having an idea about the very place and does a little bit planning especially when you’re going on a trek.

 Har Ki Dun, also known as the hanging valley is one of the most exotic and sought off trek nowadays.

This one of the least explored places of Gharwal Himalayas is situated at a height of 3556m that is quite approachable through the Govind National Park, which is known for its amazing flora and fauna. If you love mountains, Auli is another place which you shouldn’t miss.

The trekking trail will also let you pass through the dense forests full of walnuts and chestnuts trees along with glacier basins, pine forest, chinar, willows, and some glorious ancient villages.

All in all, you’re surely going to appreciate the slow-paced local lifestyle and will be taking back some sweet memories to cherish forever. Okay, so the trek will continue for around 7 days and you’ll be indulging in at least 5-hour trekking every day.

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And here’s the day-by-day information regarding the same. Be prepared to enjoy a lifetime experience at Har ki Dun.

Day 1: Reach Sankri

Let’s get started with your first day where you need to reach Dehradun early in the morning. After this, drive towards a small hamlet, Sankri. Remember this is the starting point of the Har ki Dun.

While driving, you’ll get mesmerized by the mystic beauty all around and some paranormal mountain views.

Try out the local food on your way to learn more about their lifestyle and of course, to keep yourself energized. And here you go, after a long 10 hours drive, you’ll reach this charming little village of Sankri.

After you arrive Sankri, stay at one of the hotels or resorts out there and take a good rest.

Reach Leh

Day 2: Sankri- Taluka- Osla 

Here comes your second day. Have a good breakfast at Sankri and let’s move towards the first day of your trek. Wait, before you tie the laces of your shoes make sure you have enough water bottles and some energy bars for your way.

Drive from Sankri to Taluka, which is around 12km where you’ll reach by late afternoon. After this, you’ll be trekking towards Osla that is situated at a height of 2560m.

This second-day trek journey will include venturing through the Sian Gad by bridge to make it to Dhatmir village and also crossing the Ton River.

On your way, you’ll be witnessing vistas of beautiful wild orchids and if possible, watch out the wildlife of the Himalayas that includes bears, leopards, and barking deer.

You can stay there in the tents available there and trust me, nothing looks better than sleeping under the starry sky with fresh air. You can also plan for a bonfire, have some snacks, and enjoy various folklores about the locals and of course, a tempting dinner.

Sankri- Taluka- Osla

Day 3: Osla to Har ki Dun

Now, this is the day when you’ll be taking an 11km ride towards the Har ki Dun to pass all round that will allow you to get lost in the beauty of gradual terrain and breathtaking views of plains, valleys, and elevated mountains.

On your way, it would be hard for you to take your eyes from the wild orchid fields and from a height of 6,200m when you see those splendid vistas of Jaundhar and Swargarohini glaciers, I am sure you’ll pat yourself on the back because you actually made it to this magnificent place. When you reach the pass, stay at the campsite.

Osla to Har ki Doon

Day 4: Har ki Dun Trek- Jaundhar Glacier- Har ki Dun Camp

Before you start off with the 4th day ensure you have a healthy and of course, a good meal because you’ll be going towards the Jaundhar Glacier that is a 55km long belt of coldly white snow and patches of green grass.

Fantastic views of the glaciers and the valley post are surely a treat to your eyes. After completing a long trek of 15km, spend your night at the Swargarohini campsite peacefully.

Har ki Doon Trek- Jaundhar Glacier- Har ki Doon Camp 

Day 5: Trek from Har ki Dun- Osla

From here, you’ll be trekking back to the Osla village, which will take up your whole day. Forget about everything and just walk through the outstanding sights and landscapes on your way.

Walking towards Osla is quite an easy downhill trek (11km) and it will take about 3-4 hours. Once you reach Osla, rest there in any of the rest house or tents available there. Whether its day 1 or day 5, always remember that you have your food on time and keep yourself hydrated.

Trek from Har ki Doon- Osla

Day 6: Osla- Sankri

Your trek is about to end and we’ll be heading towards the origin point of the Har Ki Dun trek. The last day of the trek will be covering 26km and will take you through steeper terrains and mind-blowing environment.

You’ll reach Sankri in around 6-7 hours, stay there overnight and take rest. Next day, you need to back drive to Dehradun where finally your trek to Har Ki Dun comes to an end.

Osla- Sankri

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