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Most Haunted Places in Bangalore 

I am the kind of person, if you ask me to go and visit a haunted place, I would have run at a speed of 100km/hour from the site. And when someone talks about the city of Bangalore, honestly it scares the entire soul.

Yeah, the city you had made such a great image of in your mind, the IT hub of the country, Silicon Valley, mind-blowing climate, ample number of job opportunities and whatnot has a number of haunted places as well.

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It doesn’t matter what do you think about the city but Bangalore has a dark side and has a status of some scary spots, which are extremely terrifying and can give you spine-chilling experience. And these are some of the most haunted places in Bangalore that you might try visiting and probably not alone.

Haunted Places in Bangalore

Terra Vera

This haunted house in Bangalore on the St. Mark’s road is a colonial house that was built in 1943 and belonged to El Vaj.

terra vera

Later he gifted the house to his two daughters: Dolce and Vera. The locals and people who are brave enough to explore the sight have said that they have heard unusual sounds, unnatural sights out there, inverted cross signs, and even signs of colder temperatures.

The place actually became haunted after the murder of Dolce in 2002. After the mishap, her sister left the house in abandoned and in ruins. And since then, people have been talking about some mysterious sounds coming out from the house like someone’s playing piano.

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Kalpalli Cemetery

Kalpalli cemetery

Well, in general also, cemeteries are not considered a place where you can casually go and have a visit during nighttime. Kalpalli Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city of Bangalore, which is now even considered as one of the most haunted places out there.

A number of visitors have talked about some abnormal and strange things that they somehow cannot explain in words. Some of them even claim that there’s a man dressed in white who roams amidst the graves and vanishes when approached.

Some even say that one might get a feeling of anxiety while walking through the graveyard as if someone is watching them. In short, the place is so haunted that even the security guards do not prefer staying over there after sunset.

Bangalore International Airport

Bangalore International Airport 

Who would have thought that an airport will hit the list of most haunted places and too that Bangalore International Airport? No doubt that the airport has always been considered a center of attraction since 2008 but beware whenever you visit there for the next time.

It all started when one of the pilots out there witnessed a lady in white saree and loose hair on the runway.

Information about the same was even given to the authorities. Later, cargo wing of the airport also experienced the same. Even the taxi drivers at the airport say that they have experienced some paranormal and eerie activities where that lady just sits in their taxi and suddenly disappear.

The Banyan Tree in Tiptur

The Banyan Tree in Tiptur

You might have heard stories of Hindu mythologies in which they have stated that ghostly spirits settle on some certain kinds of trees.

One such large banyan tree is situated in the Tiptur area, which is around 150km from the city of Bangalore, is known as one of the haunted places. A number of people have sworn that they had serious periods of tragedies around this tree.

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Seeing all these mishaps, locals even cut down the tree under the guidance of some priests. However, the tree is no longer there but the ghostly presence can be still felt.

Hoskote Route

Hoskote Route

You must have seen a scene in a number of movies people driving at night are stopped by someone for a lift and then the various paranormal activities experienced by them.

Hoskote Route is a kind of the same place where motorists have claimed that they are stopped by a mysterious lady who asks for a lift. The route is a lonely path with graveyards on both the sides of the roads.

There’s another report that says, an auto was stopped by that lady but she couldn’t step inside the auto because of the holy pictures and idols present inside it. She started laughing frantically and said if the auto driver would have come out to help her out, she would have murdered him.

The NH4 Route

Highways and haunting experiences are one of the combinations we all have heard about and so is the story of this haunted NH4 route.

The story attached to this place goes like this: once a pretty lady asked for lift during midnight and as soon as rider turned around to ask where she wanted to go, he just remained stunned to see that there was no lady. Later, when the driver headed towards his way, the lady appeared again and started laughing hysterically.

Although, there’s no such history related to the NH4 route the passerby has experienced some abnormal and strange happenings often.

Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital

Another haunted place in Bangalore is the Victoria hospital that is situated near Bangalore city market.

Although the hospital has been looking after patients for more than a century, there have been some recent stories of a few unwelcome attention. People say that they have seen a ghost in white wandering around the nearby tree in the garden.

Instead of talking about other important topics in the hospital, the ghost has become a hot topic as of now. In fact, the hospital staff has also claimed that the ghost is stealing biryani packets and tea from the canteen area. Strange, isn’t it?

So, these were some of the scariest or haunted places in Bangalore that I dare you to visit alone.

P.S: Honestly, I was having Goosebumps even while writing about the same.

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