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The Ultimate Guide on How to Buy the Best Bicycle

So, you bought a product your friend recommended or just saw was trending everywhere. The results are amazing but what is that? Your product has started showing its true colors in a few weeks only.

Well, that happens when you buy something without considering your preferences and priorities. When you don’t compare the products and just pick the first thing you saw on the market. Since we are here to talk about bicycles, the same goes for this product.

How to Buy the Best Bicycle

Although advancements and technology have made our lives easier, but if you choose something blindly, it comes with some drawbacks as well. Thus, you first, need to do research and be cautious about everything in your bicycle. And how will you do that?

Not to worry because we are here with the ultimate guide on how you can choose the best piece for you. Have a look.

Budget is one of the Vital Factors

Before you head towards the market or start online shopping, be clear regarding your budget. How much you’re willing to pay for your baby? The moment you know the amount of money you can spend, deciding other factors and specifications will automatically become easier. If possible, you can keep 10% flexibility as well.

Why you need a Bicycle?

The next important question is what is the purpose of buying a bicycle? Will you be riding on a monthly basis or on a weekly basis? There might be different answers to the same question. Some might need it for fitness purpose, some might want to go on a trek or might just want to commute. Once you get the answer to the second question, you can move to the next part.

Type of Bicycle

When you look around, you’ll see an enormous number of brands in three main categories of the bicycle. That makes it quite difficult to choose which one to buy. But if you simply follow the steps accordingly, choosing the type of cycle will be a piece of cake. So, these are 3 types of bicycles to choose from:

  • Road bikes: These are the types of bicycles meant for traveling at speed on paved roads. At some places, people also refer to these cycles as Racer Cycles. The bicycles come with thin tyres and a bent handlebar.
  • Mountain Bike or MTB: Next in the line are the mountain bicycles, which are mainly meant for off-road cycling. Though you might see a lot of similar features to other bicycles in an MTB, but the incorporate features are the best in terms of durability and carrying out in rough terrain or path.
  • Hybrid Bicycle: These bicycles come with the features of both road bikes and MTB. You can take a ride on these bicycles of several kinds of terrain with great ease.

Besides this, you can also choose from fat bikes, commuter bikes, and foldable bikes.

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Time to know your Bicycle in and out

Well, people say that they know about their bicycles, but a number of them still wouldn’t have an idea about the components of their bicycle. You must understand that your bicycle owner knows everything and he can fool you, downgrade the cycle and sell it to you. Act smart and first, learn the components.

  • Front Suspension: If you’re low on your budget say 15000, a bicycle with a decent suspension can work, but if you want the best performance then you need to invest more. One can select their bike and compare the product based on performance, comfort, and other factors. There are bicycles present on the market that comes with full-suspension, but you should only consider these bicycles if you want a downhill mountain cycle.
  • Disc Brakes: Make sure you’re clear with the question: whether you want to ride long distance or just within your city. Bicycles that come with V-brakes work very well if you want it for city riding or fitness purpose. And if you want a bike with disc brakes while you want to go on longer rides, get ready to slow down and lag behind the pack. Also, remember you need to maintain and give proper attention to disc brakes.
  • Frame: Never ignore the importance of the frame of your bicycle. Frames hold equal importance to that of other components and wheels. Ensure that you get the right type of frame so that you won’t feel uncomfortable while riding your bike. If you want a bicycle just to commute, always go for a cycle that can bear the load of your feet and bottom, and not your hands. Also, you need to see what kind of material your frame is using. Is it steel, aluminum or carbon? Steel frames are heavy, cost-effective, and durable. Aluminum frames are quite expensive, light in weight, and do not rust, while carbon frames are stiff, light in weight, and resistant to corrosion. They are also expensive and durable.
  • Frame Size: There are times when we get excited more about a product when we see a heavy discount on it. As a result, we just go and pick it up without realizing the pros and cons of the very product. So, before you actually grab one make sure you check the frame size of your bicycle according to your height and then pick up your favorite model.

So, these were some of the main tips you should consider while buying a bicycle. Approach with caution and everything will fall into the right place automatically.

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