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Brilliant Tips on How to take better Travel Photographs

If I say we are going on a trip or maybe on a long vacation, but you cannot take your DSLR and not even your smartphone. Would you like to give me a company? Well, I guess you won’t even consider me. And why though when you won’t be able to capture the beauty of that particular place or when you won’t be able to make memories for a lifetime.

It’s not just about the memories, but travel photography allows you to record your adventures, share it on any social media platform, can even earn money through the same, and much more. So, how will you make your travel diary interesting? I will tell you. Just focus on these stupendous tips and make your travel photographs better and fun. Have a look.

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Think of 3 Best: Place, Things, and People

The first and foremost step to better travel pictures is to keep these three things in mind. To make it easier to understand: suppose you want to click a shot of a popular monument on a rainy day.

Rainy Day

You can click a decent picture anyway, but if the picture includes your favorite person say your friends or family, in the same rainy day, standing right in front of that monument making weird faces while holding an umbrella, you can have the best shot.

Research is Important

What I believe is that this step is very crucial. It is important to know every possible thing about the place you’re visiting like what are the popular places there, what locations can be the best for photography, or you can ask local photographers about the hidden gems of that place.

That way you’ll not only explore new places but will also have a picture you’ve never clicked before. Also, make sure you also show your creative side and compose a shot in a unique way.

Unique Angles

Right there in the previous section, I asked you to take pictures uniquely. Well, you might have seen many times photographers climbing on a tree or just lie down on the earth on some kind of unacceptable place to get that PERFECT shot.

Unique Angle

Well, even you can try the same way. It might look a bit crazy to other people around you, but who cares when you got that unique angle for your picture. So, just find your angle and go ahead. 

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White Balance

Instead, you set the white balance on automatic mode, make sure you’re handling the settings manually, control the color temperature on an image and decide yourself how you want your final image to look like. Adjust the type of light manually to make sure you’re getting an accurate reading of a view.

There are 3 top settings you need to focus on: Cloudy white balance that should be adjusted while taking pictures in a green environment, this makes the green color look ever better and vibrant. A daylight setting is used during the day time for direct sunlight and the Flash will keep the colors warm when you’ll use flash for both indoors and outdoors.

Look for the Right Light

Some people cannot miss two timings: Sunrise and Sunset because these timings are the best for the best kind of photograph. Don’t go back home with a regret saying ‘I wish I had my camera to capture that so and so beautiful scene’.

You can research on the times for both Sunrise and Sunset and then plan accordingly. I usually prefer moving out a few hours before both the timings so that I can capture vibrant changing colors. 

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The Rule of Thirds

When you compose a creative composition, it automatically enhances the beauty of your picture. You should always apply to the Rule of Third that asks you to take a pause and think about where you want your subject to be, instead of just pointing and start shooting.

You can apply the same method anywhere, whether you’re shooting a person, a monument, or a landscape. All you need to do is think it is a very special way and change the focal point. Also, you can make use of contrast with your composition, it allows you to be more creative with the colors.

Have a Perspective

Suppose you want to take a picture of an island, but if you don’t have a perspective how to take the shot, you might end up with a picture that won’t depict the place the same way it is.

Have a Perspective

For example, you’re moving to any mountainous region, make sure you capture the mountain in such a way that it shows clearly how tall that mountain is and how it looks like. This is the only way you can help your viewer judge correctly about the same place.

Use your Sense of Humor

You’re traveling and clicking pictures, it sounds fun but it is not just about capturing things around that place and show off on your Instagram page. Never hesitate while showing or expressing a bit of humor while taking travel photographs.

Show how you feel and what you think while traveling to any new place and maybe you can bring back some out-of-the-box stories and memories to cherish forever.

So, these were some of the tips or I should say tricks that can be used while clicking travel pictures. I hope these tips were a great help to you and will also help you come home with a superb collection from your next trip.

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