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Taking Great Pictures while Traveling Solo is a Breeze with these Genius Tips

Those who often go on a solo trip will understand the feeling of satisfaction and happiness that they’ve achieved all this by themselves. The way the solo travelers handle every situation, face the challenges, and everything, is understood by everyone to some extent when they hear their stories.

But one thing that usually remains unanswered to many that “How the hell they took so amazing photos of them?” Well, there’s no rocket science behind the same, all they have with them is some great camera essentials that they combine with a few intelligent ticks and have GREAT shot.

Taking Great Pictures while Traveling Solo

If you too want to learn about the same or maybe you’re going on your first solo trip, these genius tips might help you in the same. Have a look.

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Get yourself a Tripod ASAP

Your selfie stick might not work everywhere but buying a portable tripod can do wonder and help you capture a wide range of shots. No matter you want to travel alone or with your loved ones, this gear will help you every time, after all, you always look for a steady picture, don’t you? A tripod will help you avoid the blur and out-of-focus pictures.

Get a Tripod

If you have a smaller camera, the Gorillapod line and much the same flexible tripod products can easily keep your camera steady. Run to the most uneven terrain without any worries. They even have the capabilities to wrap around skis, railings, or any other kind of surface and that means you can set up your tripod in the urban settings as well.

Also, getting a digital timer remote will be the icing on the cake so that you can simply set up the camera and take different shots every second while you don’t have to run back and forth to adjust the settings.

Make use of a Selfie Stick

Okay, we understand that nowadays people hardly prefer using a selfie stick, but believe it or not they work incredibly when it comes to taking pictures on your own. Using a selfie stick increases the distance between you and the camera and gives a wider frame of the photo.

Use a Selfie Stick

That way you can take your photos with more of the background and you won’t end up with a photo gallery that only has close-up shots of you. Make sure you’re getting a selfie stick that works in almost every kind of weather conditions and if it can extend like a tripod, that would be a bonus for you then.

If not a selfie stick, you can even consider having the Best 360-Degree Camera in your gadget collection.

Ask for Help

Never freak out if you don’t have the advanced or specialized gear with you because there’s always an option you can ask for help from a stranger. And there’s no harm in it. Also, if we look at the other side, you don’t just travel to gain a lot of experiences or to learn a different culture, or appreciate the beauty of a particular place.

Ask for a Help

You can also connect with the locals or other tourists out there, and since photos are a great way to take memories back home, you can simply ask for help from them. Tip: It is not compulsory that everyone around you is a great photographer, so if you want to get the best shot, look out for people who are carrying their DSLR. Chances of a great picture are high in this case. You can also suggest to them how the frame of your picture should look like.

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Connect a GoPro

Those who want to get an action shot or want to record something from a first-hand perspective, attaching a GoPro to your gear proves to be the best option. And where this option works the best? You can use in while skiing, surfing, bungee jumping, or biking and record the best experience.


In addition to this, some models come with a wide range of mounts, which allows you to click pictures in the environments where your cameras might not permit you to do so like underwater. Hero6 Black is by far one of the best GoPros you can consider as it comes with an LCD screen to frame and witness your shots.

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Photo Editing Apps or Software

The moment you start searching for one good photo editing app, you end up with hundreds of it. You took a great photo and you’re smiling as well, but your work just doesn’t end there. Now what? You need to make a few more adjustments and see how you can set up your picture. Well, nowadays, you can get several built-in photo editor in your smartphone that allows you to do the basic editing like cropping or rotating an image. They can be used by almost everyone out there.

Photo Editing App

But why don’t you take the next step and try out some advanced apps like Snapseed or ProCamera? These apps provide you with more features like noise reduction, curve adjustment, and color correction. If you’ve not taken pictures with your phone, try hands of Adobe Bridge and Photoshop editing tool. You can also make use of Lightroom, which works similar to Adobe Bridge but is quite quick and easier to learn.

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So, here we are some golden tips you need to remember while clicking pictures when traveling solo. Take out your camera, jump into the beautiful world, and capture every magnificent thing out there. Make your Instagram feed worth watching and exhibit your travel memories like anything.

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