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Japan Tourist Visa for Indians

If you’ve never been to Japan and anyhow trying to plan to visit there, lucky you because it’s 2019. Why? Because if it was 2016, then it would look more of a difficult task.

At that time, you may be asked to show an invitation letter from the sponsor in Japan and also the applications used to be lengthy and as a result, got rejected. Well, an Indian passport holder still doesn’t get a visa on arrival but at least now, you don’t have to apply for the visa with the help of a local sponsor.

The process has now become pretty effortless and you can get your things done in just 4 working days at VFS Japan. Here are your step-by-step guide and other information regarding Japan tourist Visa for Indians.

Japan Visa for Indians – How to Apply

Hunt for the closest VFS center

Depending on your passport address, you can find the nearest Japan Visa VFS center for you. The authorities have set some strong rules, thus provide you with two options either give a full-proof address of your residence that means showing them electricity bill or property papers in your name or your relatives or landlord OR drive/fly to Delhi and get your work done.

Posting the Japan Visa Application

This is the section where you need to post the application through specific Blue Dart centers and there are a few second-tier cities with these centres from where you can courier your application. Officially, it will take 2 days longer to get the process done and make sure you send all the documents exactly the way they have mentioned on the website.

Downloading the Form

The best part about Japan’s application is that it’s relatively short and be sure that you fill all the sections. While filling out the form, you’ll see a section ‘Guarantor/ Reference’ in Japan, where you need to write down the address and contact details your first place to stay in Japan.

Passport Size Photo

One thing you should always keep in mind that the Japanese embassy and then obviously Japan VFS centre is really particular about the size of your photograph that should be 2×2 inches and your face should be clearly visible. If you’re applying from Mumbai or Delhi, they already have a photo booth, so that you can get the exact picture required but it will cost a bit more than you do the same outside.

A Cover Letter with your Trip Itinerary

While filling the Japan Visa application, it’s really important to attach the cover letter and that should include your travel dates and purpose of visiting Japan. Also, if you ever hold visas to any other country like Europe, Canada or Australia, mention them as well in your letter because it makes your application much stronger and especially as an Indian.

Flight and Hotel Bookings

Like any other visa application, you need to show the confirmation of your flight and hotel bookings but that can be risky. Thus, make sure you book where you can get a total refund upon cancellation.

Financial Documents

For all the Indian passport holders, it is important to show their current 3-month bank statements, income tax return of the previous year and other helpful financial documents. In case, your bank balance is low, you can show them the summary of your fixed deposit or maybe you can ask your parents to add some money in your account for a temporary purpose.

Multiple-Entry Japan Visa

Indian citizens need to a little amount of INR 440 along with service charges by VFS Japan, for single and multiple entries as well. However, you may not find this information on the website but you need to submit 3 years of the income tax return for the eligibility purpose if you’re applying for multiple-entry.

No appointment at VFS Japan

To file the Japan visa application, you don’t have to make an appointment at the VFS center. But an important point to remember that no electronic device is allowed at the center, be it a laptop, camera or any other item. You can take your phone with you but that has to be kept switched off. Thus, to stay away from any sort of security hassle, try to carry only your documents and phone with you.

Track your Application

Well, there’s an option available to receive your application through the courier service but if possible, try to pick it up in person. Also, you can easily track your application form.

Immigration at Tokyo Airport

Japan Immigration

Although, entering Japan with your tourist visa would be quite easy and anyone would barely ask any question before being stamped in. There are possibilities that while check-in, your airline might ask you for your return flight ticket, so try to keep the ticket and hotel booking handy.

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