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Here’s your list of Best Backpacker Hostels in India

So, you’re 20+, physically fit, have a fire to learn and become better, you always wish to travel to as many places you can. You can even sleep on the floor if you come across any such situation. Learn other people’s lifestyle wherever you go.

The point is: this is the way how you bring back a jar full of memories and experience back home and money is just a small part of your massive travel plans.

And since backpacking has become a really famous way to explore India, there’s one more thing the country has developed into. It has come up with several charming and beautiful hostels in the country. They are really cost-effective, a place to meet fellow travelers and listen to each other’s experiences.

Best Backpacker Hostels in India

Thus, this time we have come up with the ultimate list of hostels in India you have to try while moving out as a backpacker. 

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Starting with the country’s largest and biggest hostel chain, Zostel got established in 2013. Ever since the project is growing so successfully that they have implemented an Entrepreneur Development Program and a franchise model, which made them open around 30 properties across major locations in the country, including Kathmandu.

No matter, which property you choose of Zostel, at every hostel you’ll experience a vigorous and vibrant atmosphere. Also, the chain has even started providing its customers with immersive local experiences in some places and package trips to several traveler groups in Nepal and India.

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GoStops Hostels

Another wonderful hostel chain in India, which is expanding day-by-day, and their focus is on Social and Experimental Stays. To keep their customers engaged, they organize amazing activities like Indian Cook-Outs, Bollywood Nights, Festival Celebrations, and Local Music Events. Their first property got started in 2014 in Varanasi and that became a massive success instantly.

The hostel also has a library, verandahs and balconies, Indian food street bar, and a fully equipped kitchen. To make sure their visitors don’t feel they’re missing something. They even have several mesmerizing properties midst the mountains of Uttarakhand and some of them even offer you to enjoy camping in remote areas.

Moustache Hostel

Ever been to Rajasthan? What did you see first, when you entered the city? We saw Indian men with colorful Pagris and long Rajasthani mustache. Oh! The mustache, there’s nothing more Indian than that. And if you don’t talk about the latest but the trendiest hostel chain in the country, this name has to be on the list. Decoration-wise, the properties look simply out-of-the-world that depicts the beautiful cultural heritage of our country.

The hostel was first founded in Delhi, but in 2015 it related to Jaipur and started a fantastic hostel from scratch over there. The motto of the hostel is encouraging sustainable tourism and providing their visitors with superb off-beat experiences while giving a hand to local communities as well.

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Roadhouse Hostels

One of the beautiful things we found about the Roadhouse Hostel is that it was founded some schoolmates in 2014 and they majorly host young Indian entrepreneurs and students. Once you visit the hostel, you’ll surely appreciate the arty fell over there and in fact, guests are asked or encouraged that they should decorate the walls with their beautiful paintings.

Also, an interesting thing about this hostel chain that they run an Artist Residency Program, where artists are allowed to stay for free in exchange for their creative skills and talents.

Backpacker Hostel

The Hostel Crowd

Here comes one of the most zestful groups of people who are primarily into making a difference and bringing up a social change. Though they also have a number of properties out there, unlike other hostel chains, their every property has a different character and is built in unique premises like jungle ambiance and heritage property.

Their first property got started in 2013 in Goa. Sustainability is the mantra of the hostel and all the staff members are from the local community. They even make sure their visitors get a vast range of experiences and some amazing affordable tours. Also, in addition to this, they serve you with the best coffee in Goa, hair straighteners and dryers in the female dorms, tempting complimentary breakfasts.

Vedanta Wake up!

Started out in 2011, Vedanta Wake Up is one of the greatest chains of budget hotels out there for the social explorer. However, you’ll also find some good properties that fall under the hostel category and also provide you with private double rooms.

The kind of ambiance you’ll get here is quite similar to that of a backpacker hostel that has common lounges and even organizes fun activities for the visitors to keep them engaged. The owners of the Vedanta chain got this idea of creating an energetic environment and keep it as their goal from their backpacking trip to Australia in 2009.

So, these were some of the best hostels in India. If you’re an avid backpacker and wish to try out something new and affordable housing on your go, these hostels in the county can be considered for sure.

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