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Best Beach Resorts in Pondicherry 

Give Time a Break is what the Pondicherry Tourism slogan says that is quite true to a great extent. Who doesn’t want to just escape the regular routine and make their way to some new place? I always wanted to visit a place which has beaches, old heritage, and cultural values, and no other place can be better than Puducherry aka Pondicherry.

The French Capital of India, this place has everything for everyone, be it those clean beaches, cuisines, churches, old lighthouse, or museum. Well, this is something we all know and would even try when in Pondicherry.

But there’s one more thing that the place is famous for- Resorts near a beach that allows a number of tourists to come and experience a lavish stay. So, if you’re venturing for a different and enjoyable vacation, check out these incredible beach resorts in Pondicherry that’ll certainly fill you with delight.

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Pondicherry Beach Resorts

Le Pondy Resort

I’ll be starting with my favorite resort, which is a really beautiful and luxurious resort in Pondicherry. This resort is located near the beach in the middle of Chunnambar River and the Bay of Bengal.

The reason why this resort beach is added in the list is because of its perfect blend of modern-day luxury, colonial architecture, and a stunning private beach for the visitors. When at this resort, you cannot help yourself but only appreciate the sea and lake view rooms, seafront bar, and outstanding pool villas.

And hey! If by any chance you’re moving out for a relaxing vacation, try out their special Ayurvedic holiday packages that can help your body get detoxified and mind rejuvenated. Or else, you can try out its in-house Joy Spa. Auroville Beach is around 10km from the Le Pondy resort that adds up another great factor why you should go for this option.

Here is the official website.

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St. James Court Beach Resort

To all the nature buffs out there, you can give this beach resort a chance because it is surrounded by lush green and amazing coconut plantations. The beach is simply a perfect example where you can find serenity and comfort needed for an ideal vacation.

You don’t have to move anywhere because this gorgeous beach resort lies on the calm beach called Auroville. Make the most time with your partner out there by walking on the cold and sandy beach or just sit back and relax under the palm tree.

Another reason why the resort comes under the list of happiest beach resorts in Pondicherry because travelers and honeymooners can spend the best lazy evenings and romantic dates respectively at the St. James Court Beach Resort.

Here is the official website.

The Windflower Resort and Spa Pondicherry

You cannot wish for more when you have such a fantastic place to stay in. The Windflower Resort is everything you can demand a perfect vacation, thanks to its amazing beach views and backwaters. And as you wander around, you can make your way to the Serenity Beach, go on a romantic cruise, watch out that beautiful sunset, and let that splash of water come and touch your feet.

Also, if you want to plan a small trip to this resort, you’ll get an opportunity to select from the enormous number of quality Ayurvedic Spa Treatments and tempting seafood at the resort’s in-house restaurant with lounge.

Here is the official website.

Nalla Eco Beach Resort

Glorious Ocean that serves as a background and eye-catching coconut groves is what makes this beach resort a choice for a number of people. This beach resort is definitely one place that can make you feel at home.

Also, this incredible resort is encircled by the Coromandel Coast that allows you to catch a glimpse of marvelous views of the azure waters. The reasons, why people really wish to visit this place because of its restaurant, sea view bar, and waterfront private dining.

Sea boating, DJ on demand, and special wine tasting sessions are some other most liked features that will surely make you do the booking for the beach resort.

Trust me, you won’t find such an amazing place in Pondicherry that falls under the economy range.

Ocean Spray Beach Resort

Let your body and soul feel every bit of your vacation as the Ocean Spray Beach Resort brings you the best of the best amenities.

This is one of the places where you can find yourself in ultimately peaceful and calm surroundings. Have you ever thought of a beach resort that comes with an open-to-sky Jacuzzi? Well, this resort has one that allows you to just lie down under the sky and live the most beautiful and romantic experience with your companion.

And not just this, but the resort also comes with The Wet Bar called Bisous and The Floating Restaurant called Lotosas, thus making it a must-visit option for all those who are looking for a unique experience.

Here is the official website.

Soorya Beach Resort

For those who want some privacy, go for the Soorya Beach Resort that is situated on the serene beach at Periya Mudaliar Chavadi.

What makes the visit to this beach resort so special is the alluring blue waves that are simply the feast to your eyes.

Along with privacy, this beach resort is even suggested to those who are looking for a swimming pool with their resort. The place even provides its customers with pretty convenient accommodations such as family suites and eco huts, thus making it an ideal choice for all avid travelers.

All in all, once you experience a stay at this wonderful beach resort, you don’t want to leave it any soon. Here is the official website.

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