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Rupin Pass Trek – The Best Himalayan Crossover

If you ask any avid trekker in the country that which is the most beautiful trek in India, he/she will definitely take the name of Rupin Pass trek in their first few choices.

The place is that good and why not, the journey to Rupin pass is always ready to give you different surprises every day.

A high-altitude trek that begins from Dhaula, Uttarakhand which is near auli, uttarakhand. and ends at Sangla is simply a perfect option for any adventure since it allows you to trek to almost every type of terrain, be it snowy, rocky and even through and along the meadows of water streams.

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This outstanding trek in Himachal Pradesh is situated at a height of 15,129ft and is a moderate+ level trek.

The best time to take up the trek is either May-June or September-October. So, here’s your detailed itinerary of Rupin Pass trek to help you know what and how you’re going to witness everything out there.

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Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek – Travel Guide

Day 1: Dehradun to Dhaula

The first day asks you to reach the Dehradun Railway Station by early morning and hop on to your car to drive to Mori. Mori is your first stop and one of the beautiful picturesque towns that are situated on the banks of Tons River.

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After you reach Mori, you need to move towards Netwar by your car that goes through the Pine Woodland by the Tons River. Here, you can even visit the ancient temple, which is dedicated to Pokhu Devta. Believe me, you can’t stop appreciating the beauty and architecture of the locale.

Now, you can proceed to Dhaula, the place where you’ll be starting your trek. Stay there overnight in your tents because the next day you Rupin Pass Trek will begin.

Dehradun to Dhaula _

Day 2: Dhaula to Sewa

This day, you’ll be going on an easy 11km trek to Sewa amidst rhododendron woodlands, apple and apricot trees, and mind-blowing fields. Initially, you’ll be walking through the farms until you enter the dense forest.

After you arrive at Sewa, you’ll witness the real beauty of the place in the form of its ancient Shiva Temple that opens only once in 12 years, in order to welcome a local visiting god. Stay there overnight in your camps.

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Day 3: Sewa to Jhaka

Hold on to your excitement because day 3 is going to take you on an engaging route. And while you pass through the beautiful hamlets, appreciate the local culture and lives there.

Day 3 will take you on a trek to the Hanging Village of Jhaka, which is a bit challenging yet absolutely rewarding. Your way to Jhaka will allow you to go through mixed forests and snowy ridges of Dhauladar range.

The trek to this highest place in the region will take around 7 hours to reach and once you arrive at Jhaka, you can stay there overnight in your tents.

Sewa to Jhaka_

Day 4: Jhaka to Suruwas Thach

Get ready to explore the dewy and breathtaking meadows of Suruwas Thach, which is also your next destination.

Also, a lot of surprises are waiting for you. First of all, you’ll travel by the river and then you need to climb in the thick of the forest stretch to reach the Rupin Valley’s threshold.

After you reach the place, you can see the gorgeous Rupin waterfall, which is totally a feast to your eyes. In addition to that, the wonderful environment of the campsite makes it worth staying at the place. Stay overnight in the tents and enjoy the ethereal beauty of Suruwas Thach.

Jhaka to Suruwas Thach 

Day 5: Suruwas Thach to Waterfall Camp

Here comes your next destination, which is a 6-7 hours trek. Initially, you’ll move up to a pictorial meadow and once you reach there, just soak yourself in the environment and forget about everything.

After this, you will ascend to the upper waterfall camping area through the splendid snow stretches that are even considered THE best in the country. You can spend your night here in tents.

Suruwas Thach to Waterfall Camp _

Day 6: Waterfall Camp to Ronti Gad

Get up early in the morning and be ready to face some challenges because you are going to move up through snowfields and rocky paths, in order to reach your destination.

Well, depending on the climate and situation at the very moment, you might need to make use of ropes in some of the stretches. The trek can take around 4-6 hours, conducive to snow.

And when you finally reach the place, simply get lost in the majestic views of the Himalayas. You can even see the summits of Kinner Kailash range and the ranges nearby Charang La. Stay there for a while and then start coming down to Ronti Gad pastures, which is a few hours trek.

Spend your night in the tents and have your beauty sleep while dreaming of the beauty you witnessed today.

Ronti Gad to Sangla 

Day 7: Ronti Gad to Sangla

The day is going to be long and tiring one because you’ll be climbing downwards to Sangla.

Don’t worry, you won’t even feel the tiredness when you witness some beautiful panoramic views on your go. Your way to the destination will be accompanied by the vistas of Kinner Kailash range and the amazing hamlets of Sangla Valley.

After all this, you’ll be welcomed by the wonderful Baspa River that bends in the valley. And when at Sangla, do not ever forget to have sizzling hot masala hot, it’s something to die for. Once you’re done for the day, get back to your tents and have good rest over there.

Day 8: Sangla to Shimla

Here’s the last day of the trek that includes a 6-hour drive to Shimla. Have your breakfast and make your way to Shimla. You’ll probably reach by afternoon and then you continue to your actual destination. Your trek to Rupin Pass trek finally ends here.

Sangla to Shimla

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