If you’re the one for whom the climate thing always remains a concern before moving out for a new place. Here’s good news for you because if you are looking for the best time to visit Ooty you can find it here. You’ll be glad to know that there’s one such place in the country that has something to offer you in every season and each month of the year has its own beauty and charm and that is none other than the very lovely little hill station, Ooty. The place is just perfect for all the nature buff and mountain lovers out there. Besides, its beauty, the place’s Tea and Tourism Festival and outdoor activities are something that attracts a huge number of people from all over the country to come and experience every amazing thing possible. So, here’s the best time to visit Ooty.

Ooty Hills
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Weather Throughout the Year

SummerMarch-June23ᵒC to 31ᵒ C
WinterOctober-March15ᵒC to 05ᵒ C
MonsoonJuly-September18ᵒC to 20ᵒ C

Ooty in summer (March-June)

Let’s get started with the best and peak season to visit Ooty and is definitely the glorious time to explore the sheer beauty of this beautiful state. Usually, the temperature remains between 23ᵒ-31ᵒ C but the place do not remain hot and humid like any other state and the nights generally remains cooler. The cool and refreshing weather with the sunshine is the perfect dose to your stressful city lives. Let’s just forget about being in the lap of snow-capped mountains and spend the much-awaited summer vacations in Ooty, which can be the perfect getaway for you. Also, make sure you add some of the places to your bucket list while in Ooty in summers: Thread garden, Ooty Lake, Kalhatti falls, Annamalai temple, Tiger hill, and Bison valley. If you are visiting Bangalore must check these famous hill stations.

Ooty in winter (October-March)

One can surely have a gala time here and the place can be a blessing for those who wish to experience much colder days juxtaposed to summers. The temperature generally remains within 15ᵒ-5ᵒ C, don’t forget to keep extra warmers because the nights are going to get pretty chilly. Although, the daytime in this season remains quite sunny still you need to wrap yourself with light woolens while sightseeing during the daytime. The best part about being in Ooty during winter is that you got to experience foggy mornings and misty hills. And hey, that way you can have the best time if you’re visiting with your loved one. Make yourself a hot cup of tea and enjoy the perfect mornings in the state. Apart from all this, you must try trekking to the Dolphin’s nose, Cairn hill, Doddabetta peak, Catherine falls, Pykara Lake, and Ooty rose garden.

Ooty in Monsoon (July-September)

Visiting Ooty in monsoon can be one of the right decisions because due to the rains, the place turns into a completely new washed look, the greener grass beds, much cleaner mountains, and clear sky is something you cannot take your eyes off from. Well, one cannot think of anything more beautiful than this. The temperature generally remains within 20ᵒ C, when you might not get to experience warm and bright sunshine but will definitely have a great time there because the season does have an amazing charm of its own. Make sure you’re visiting Ooty botanical gardens, Droog fort, Simi’s park, Emerald Lake, and Wenlock downs and believe us you’ll have a fantastic time.

Are you looking to move away from the hustle-bustle of the city for the upcoming weekend? Be it a family trip, a college get together or a much-awaited solo trip. Hills are the solution to everything that you desire and more. Here we list down top eight hill stations near Bangalore which will be perfect for the weekend getaway, to make your trip more suitable don’t forget to take a look at what season to visit Ooty is best for you.

Know more about India weather thorough out the year.

Hill Stations near Bangalore  

1. Horsley Hills

Situated at the altitude of 1265 meters, this destination is the perfect decompress destination that you are scouting for. This is the paradise for bird and nature lovers and one can spot vast array of tree species.

Distance: 166 Km
Places to visit: Lake Gangotri and Environmental Park
Best Time to visit: February to May

2. Nandi Hills

One of the closest situated location to Bangalore if you are running tight on numbers of days. It is one of the most popular places in and around Bangalore for a quick getaway. Hence, it can be considered amongst the commercialized spots but yet the picturesque landscaped don’t fail to mesmerize you.

Distance: 58 Kms
Places to visit: Tipu Sultan Summer Palace
Best Time to visit: October to June

3. Yercaud

Located at an altitude of 4920 ft. this is one of the less populated hill stations and smaller version of the hill station Ooty. You will spot a number of plantations which it is also known for, like coffee, tea, jackfruit, guava etc. So if you are looking for a less populated but equally enthralling place then Yercaud is your answer.

Distance: 288 Kms
Places to visit: Botanical Garden, Emerald Lake, Bear’s Point, Shevaroy Temple, Small Lake,
Best Time to visit: October to June

4. Chikmagalur

If you are looking for solitude and seclusion then this is your spot to be at. It is trekker’s favourite and offers a lot of other activities like hiking, for you to make the most of the eye pleasing lush green forests. It is famously known as the coffee land of Karnataka because of the high quality coffee plantations.

Distance: 240 Kms
Places to visit: Bhadra and Tunga river, Mahatma Gandhi Park, Amruthapura, Baba Budangiri, Mulliyangiri, Ayyanakere Lake
Best Time to visit: September to March

5. Coorg

Coorg is also known as the Scotland of India because of its enriched flora and fauna. It is also one of the famous coffee lands and one can take away as many as they want for back home. Apart from coffee, this offers rich spice plantation as well. It is one of the commercialized yet serene hill station which will have you at its first glance.

Distance: 255 Kms
Places to visit: Thandiyandamol, Dubare Elephant camp, Pushpagiri and Brahmagiri Sanctuaries
Best Time to visit: October to March

6. Ooty

Ooty is the perfect romance filled getaway that any couple can be longing for. It has lush green forests and is often referred to as the queen of hills stations. There are a lot of fun activities that one can be a part of during their travel here and no wonder it is filled with tourists all throughout the year. It also entails UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a toy train which starts from Mettupalayam to Ooty.

Distance: 272 Kms
Places to visit: Kalhatty waterfalls, Doddabetta Peak, Ooty Lake, St Stephen’s Church
Best Time to visit: September to October

7. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a relaxing hill station located around 7000 feet above the southern tip of upper Palani hills that offers tranquillity. If you crave a few days away from the chaos of the city, then make sure to visit this place filled with natural beauty. There are a number of tourist attractions here too such as Kodai Lake, Bryant Park, Coaker’s Walk, Bear Shola Falls, Silver Cascade, Pillar Rocks and a lot more places you can visit.

Distance: 469 Kms
Places to visit:
Best Time to visit: March to June

8. Coonoor

The centre of production of Nilgiri trees, Coonoor is a famous hill station near Bangalore. Located at an altitude of 6,000 feet above sea level, is a perfect medley of ravines, waterfalls, forests and valleys. It is also one of the most suitable trekking and adventure sport expedition like the trek to Lamb’s Rock is highly famous amongst trekkers.

Distance: 286 kms
Places to visit: Sim’s Park, Dolphins nose, St. Catherine falls
Best Time to visit: December to March