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The 5 most beautiful sights in Udaipur

When you go to Rajasthan, a visit to The City of Lakes should certainly not be missed. Udaipur is a beautiful city with a rich history, beautiful buildings, beautiful lakes and attractive streets. When you are in Udaipur, you should definitely visit these 5 sights.

The 5 most beautiful sights in Udaipur

1-City Palace

This gigantic complex was built in 1559 and has a beautiful location on Lake Pichola. In the structure you will find 11 different palaces, which were built by different rulers in different eras. The architecture and decoration of the palace are breathtakingly beautiful and you can stroll around for a few hours with ease.
Practical information.


The complex is open every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and the City Palace Museum from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The entrance to the complex costs 30 rupees per person and if you also want to visit the museum, it costs 300 rupees per person (2019). You can optionally rent a guide for 250 rupees.

2-Karni Mata Temple (sunset point)

This temple, at the top of the Machla Magra Hills, is not so much visited for the sanctuary, but for the amazing view of the city. Especially with sunset – when the sun disappears behind the hills and the lights go on in the city – the view is spectacular.


Good to know
You can reach the temple by taking the stairs from Manikylal Verma Park next to Doodh Talai lake (15-20 minutes’ walk) but you can also take the cable car from Deendayal Upadhyay Park, also next to Doodh Talai more. The cable car costs 109 rupees per person for a return trip (2019) and takes you up in 5 minutes.

3-Ahar Cenotaphs

About 3 kilometers east of the old center you will find the Ahar Cenotaphs, a crematorium and memorial place for members of the royal family. In the complex there are more than 370 cenotafen, monuments to commemorate the people who are cremated there. Especially around sunrise the place is magically beautiful and you probably have the complex completely to yourself. You are not allowed to officially take photos, but the guards immediately try to make a deal with you and you can photograph for 100 rupees. Entrance is free.

4-Badi Lake

This beautiful lake is a 30-minute drive from the city and is definitely worth a visit – especially during sunset. You have the best view from the Bahubali Hills. To get there, you must follow the road along the lake and then take the first left after the lake. When you then immediately turn left again, you arrive at a parking space. From there it is a 5 to 10 minute walk to the viewpoint.

5-Jagdish Temple

This famous Hindu temple in the center of the city was built in 1651 and is best known for its beautiful carvings. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and has three floors, full of beautiful murals and decorations.


Good to know
There are two entrances and I recommend that you do not grab the main entrance, but walk from there to the right around the building until you see a second entrance on your left. At the main entrance there are a lot of “guides” who are incredibly intrusive and often keep walking with you, even when you say you are not interested. Entry to the temple is free.

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