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The Most Beautiful Beaches of Neil Island

This small, cozy piece of paradise has only been open to tourists for a few years, making the island a real undiscovered gem. On Neil Island there is a calm, relaxed vibe, you will find breathtaking beautiful coral reefs and you can relax on beautiful tropical beaches, which you often have large or even completely to yourself. You should definitely visit these four beaches when you are on Neil Island.


Beautiful Beaches of Neil Island

Sitapur Beach

This yellow sandy beach, which covers almost the entire east coast of Neil Island, is best known for the magical sunset, although you have to be on the beach around 5:00 AM. Sitapur Beach is surrounded by tropical forests and because the clear, turquoise water is so calm here, it is an ideal place to take a refreshing dip. 

The beach is visited by few tourists, so you often have this little paradise to yourself. Unfortunately, there is a lot of waste at the beach entrance, but the farther you walk on the beach, the cleaner it gets. Just in front of the beach entrance is a restaurant, Fat Martin, where you can really enjoy a delicious meal. 

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Lakshmanpur Beach I

Every day at the end of the day, this vast beach fills with tourists, who come here to admire the beautiful sunset. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant and on the beach, there are various stalls where you can buy food, drinks, and souvenirs. 


The rest of the day the beach is almost deserted and because there is little shade on the beach, it is not really advisable to go here in the middle of the day. The underwater world is what this beach is highly recommended for.

As soon as you step into the sea on the right-hand side of the beach, you stand among colorful coral reefs and are surrounded by hundreds of fish.

Because of the warmth and the bright sun you can snorkel here early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon. In the morning it is flooded and you can easily walk into the sea. At the end of the day, the tide is low and you first have to walk over rocks and coral before you are deep enough to swim. 

We went snorkeling here at 6.30 am and 4 pm and both times were fantastic, although the water was slightly clearer in the morning. The advantage of the afternoon session was that many fish were eating at the time and we could stay on the beach for the sunset after snorkeling.

Bharatpur Beach

This beach is the place to be if you are interested in water activities. From 8.00 onwards you can go snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing with a speedboat or glass boat. We have not done any activities here but went here at 6:00 am to snorkel ourselves. 

We had to search for a while before we could find the coral. Because the beach is very shallow here for a long time, you really have to go deep into the sea before you reach the coral.

 Although it took some searching and swimming, it was definitely worth it; the underwater world here was really beautiful and the water is very clean and clear. From 8.00 am more boats and personal watercraft will be on the water, making it a bit more dangerous to snorkel yourself.  Lakshmanpur Beach I is then a good alternative. Because we have not done any water activities ourselves, I do not know what the quality is.

 The prices seem to be slightly lower than at Havelock and when we walked there, we did see a number of signs on which they offer packages with 4-5 activities for 2100 to 2800 rupees. Because the water here is shallow for so long, it is the best place on Neil Island to go into the water with small children.

 Lakshmanpur Beach II

Most tourists visit this beach for the Natural Bridge, officially the Howrah Bridge, although the beach itself is definitely worth it. You reach this beach by following the road to Lakshmanpur Beach II, until you reach a small market. 

At the end of the market you have to go down the stairs and you can take a narrow rocky path on the left, which brings you to the Natural Bridge within 5 minutes. Most tourists then leave the beach immediately, but I really recommend walking on the beach to the right. 

The water here is unprecedentedly clear and the vegetation next to the beach is incredibly green, beautiful and impressive. We got some water and coconuts at the market and then walked to the end of the beach to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this beach under the trees – lovely!

You can get to Neil Island by taking the ferry from Port Blair or Havelock. We slept during our stay at Sea Shell Neil. This resort is a lot smaller than Sea Shell Havelock, but it is incredibly beautiful and the service and food are very good. You can also rent a scooter here for 525 rupees per 24 hours.

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