Top 10 Cycles in India – Perfect Guide

Are you looking for the top 10 cycles in India? Here are our top reviews and guide.

When bicycle race to the home could make our day. And why not, riding bicycles always meant freedom, it was fun, could provide exercise, and could be a means of transportation and a form of meditation to many.

Nowadays, some ride a bicycle as a part of their hobby, while some take it as an adventure sport.

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No matter what the purpose is, shopping for a new bicycle will always seem a little daunting, especially if you’re a first-timer. And in order to get the best, one should have every important detail regarding their favorite toy.

Top 10 Cycles in India

So, here we are going to have a look at some of the best bicycles in India. Consider the factors discussed above and see which one will fit your needs.

1. Cosmic Eldorado 1.0L Speed Edition MTB Bicycle

Let’s get started with the cosmic brand, one of the most reputable brands and is known for manufacturing best products on the market.

Cosmic Eldorado 1.0L 21 Speed Premium Edition MTB Bicycle (Black/Red)
  • Number of Gears: 21
  • Wheels: Henli double alloy
  • Tires: 26 inches x 2.125 inches for better grip and performance
  • Frame Size: 19.5 inches
  • Frame Material: Steel

Though you can select from a wide variety of cycles that come under this brand, here’s why I have recommended this particular one. First of all, the bicycle comes with a steel frame, which is a plus point for any quality product. You can only choose either green or black when it comes to the availability of the colors. Also, the bicycle has got disc brake.

Talking about the weight of this bicycle, it is 30kg and the height of the cycles of this group falls somewhere between 18-19 inches.

In fact, people are really happy with the product as it is really easy to ride it through tough and rocky paths. Talking about its zoom suspension is in the grip of front suspension that even has a gel seat cover for the comfort.

Also, with the purchase of this particular bicycle, you’ll also be receiving free accessories like cable lock, rear danger light, front LED light, bottle holder, etc.

Con: The only downside we found about the cosmic product is that the disc brake doesn’t work properly in a few cases.

2. Hero Sprint Mountain Bicycle

Here comes another brand that I feel needs no introduction.

Hero RX2 26T 21 Speed Mountain Bike (Black Red, Ideal For : 12+ Years )
  • The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (85% assembled). Customer needs to assemble it before use. Allen Key & Spanner provided in box for installation.
  • Tire size : 26 inches | Frame Size : 17.5 inches
  • Ideal For :12+ Years | Min Rider Height :5 ft 4 inches | Max Rider Height :5 ft 10 inch
  • Front Brake : Caliper Brakes | Rear Brake : Caliper Brakes
  • Gear : 21 Speed

The brand is known for producing cycles that work really well performance-wise. And here we are going to talk about the Hero Next 24T bike model that is one of the most amazing mountain bicycles for men.

Talking about the features of the Hero Sprint, this bad boy comes with a strong stand, rear and front reflectors, a mudguard that proves really helpful during raining scenes and protects your shoes and socks from getting dirty, and perfect for those with heights between 5’4-inches to 6’4-inches.

Coming to the frameset of the bicycle, it comes with an outstanding suspension frame with steel-framed construction. Another important point is that being a mountain cycle, it is really light in weight (4.5kg).

Not to forget that the rear and front V brakes are the best things about the cycle as it stops you from falling over risky and sharp paths.

Con: Some people had complaints regarding its installation process and found it difficult in assembling the parts of the cycle.

3. Mach City iBike

Another amazing brand, that offers a quality product for all those bicycle lovers out there.

Mach City I Bike 2017 26T 21 Speed Adult Cycle(Matt Berry Blue)
  • The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (85% assembled). Customer needs to assemble it before use.
  • Tyre Size : 26 inches | Frame Size : 19 inches
  • Ideal For : 11+ Years | Min Rider Height : 4.4 feet | Max Rider Height : 5.5 feet
  • Front Brake : V-Brake | Rear Brake : V-Brake
  • Suspension : Front Suspension|Speed : 21 Speed

The bike is just a perfect pick for those who want to experience an amazing ride. The bicycle is not just an ideal option for those smooth roads but for the bumpy ones as well.

The comfortable grip made out of thermoplastic rubber is the best example of durability, thus even cuts the maintenance cost. Those who want to explore the city on their bicycles do not think twice and just go for this mind-blowing option.

The alloy V brakes is another fantastic feature that is used for power braking so that you stop instantly and avoid any kind of dangerous case.

All in all, if you’re looking for a durable toy that also requires low maintenance, this one is for you.

Con: We didn’t find any such issue with the bicycle except a few people think that it was a bit difficult for them while assembling it.

4. Hercules Roadeo Cycle

Yet another wonderful brand, Hercules is the one that offers a great variety of mountain bicycles and also, is considered of the best selling brands in the country.

Hercules Roadeo A50 Cycle, Adult Large (Yellow)
  • Comes in 85% assembled state.
  • Wheel Size - 26 inches. Frame Size – 18.5 inches
  • Alloy Frame,Adjustable seat, PU Saddle
  • MTB Pedals
  • Front - Disc Brake & Rear V-Brakes

And here we are going to discuss the A75 267 model that comes with a double disc brake braking system. The best part is, the frame is designed in such a way that it suits both large and medium sizes that ultimately allows you to choose accordingly.

The mountain cycle is aluminum-built and comes with chainstay stand that can bear the weight of your bad boy easily and the inbuilt rear and front reflectors help bikers to see a clear picture of everything, this avoids any type of accident.

Also, in addition to this, the 30mm soft paddle ensures an enjoyable seating and too that with strong grip pedals.

Con: A few of the customers out there have complained regarding its front brake.

5. Montra Helicon Disc Cycle

If you’re the one who is looking for a bicycle at an affordable price, Montra Helicon Disc Cycle can be the correct choice for you.

Montra Helicon Disc 27.5T 21 Speed Super Premium Cycle(Matte Black)
  • The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (85% assembled). Customer needs to assemble it before use.
  • Tyre Size :27.5 Inches | Frame Size :19 Inches
  • Ideal For : 11+ Years | Min Rider Height : 5.10 feet | Max Rider Height : 6.1 feet
  • Front Brake : Disc Brake | Rear Brake :Disc Brake
  • Suspension : Rigid|Speed : 21 Speed

The best part we found about this fantastic model (27.5T 21 Speed Super Premium Cycle) is that 85% of the cycle comes assembled, you just need to do the remaining job. Just take the help of the manual provided and it is done.

Though the bicycle works great for everyone, but if your height is somewhere between 5’8-inches to 6’5-inches, there’s nothing better than this particular option, thanks to its 27.5×1 cm wheel size and 19-inches frame size.

The alloy frame wheels are the next thing you simply cannot ignore as it allows you to keep the balance immediately.

In fact, the company has taken care of you to not get slipped while pedaling by adding alloy cage pedals to the product that allows the user to fit in the legs properly while riding.

You can even change the PU saddle if you ever feel uneasy in the beginning as your cycle comes with an adjustable seat.

Con: Though the bicycle is a perfect bet for the beginners, still you may find a little problematic while assembling the parts. Thus, you need to go through the manual properly.

These were a few of the best recommendations you can consider while buying your bicycle along with the buyer’s guide that can help you make your decision even easier.

Types of Cycles in India.

Well, that’s one thing you definitely need to decide before you select a specific brand for your bicycle.

Unless and until you’re not aware of for what purpose you need a bicycle, you’ll always end up with wrong choices. So, to make it clearer for you, here are the main types of cycles you can select from and also why and why not to but that particular cycle.

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Mountain Bikes

Thick tires mean mountain bicycles, which are mainly made for ridden over rough paths, offroad paths, and mountain trails.

These bicycles generally come with a flat handlebar and a front suspension to avoid any rough terrain. These bicycles are usually preferred by a maximum number of teenagers out there as they look really cool and fun to ride. Here are some of the best rough paths trek you should go.

Why: The mountain bikes are really strongly built and can be ridden over any type of surface. Since it comes with a larger tyre width, the grip becomes even better.

Why not: Juxtaposed to any other road cycle they are quite heavier. You need to put a lot of effort while riding this bicycle on the road. Also, as compared to any other kinds of a cycle, these ones are slower.

Road Bicycles

Next, we have road bicycles that come with amazing and super smooth tyres. One more thing that makes these bicycles a go-to option is its drop handlebar. Want to experience its wonderful ride, all you need to find is a smooth and well-paved road.

The bicycle is designed in such a way that it can make you fall in love with its speed and capabilities. As you look out for other renowned brands, you’ll get to know that some of them are even offering an aerodynamically perfect product.

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You can select from a variety of road bicycles, which are built keeping your comfort and touring in mind. Also, these bicycles let you go on long-distance travel tour and too that at a great speed.

Why: If you’re in a search for super-light bicycles that can also provide you speed, go for it.

Why not: First, this one is not a good option for bad roads and secondly, a lot of people are not okay with its bent over riding position.

Hybrid Bicycles

If you ever feel confused while choosing a bicycle because you want the features of both the above types, here’s the solution. Hybrid cycles are meant for both mountains and roads.

The Hybrid cycles come with padded and comfy saddles along with straight handlebars and a bit thinner tyres.

Though you may find a lot of options on the market, but the most common ones are the comfort bikes that come with raise handlebars.

Why: This option is just perfect for all the beginners out there as they can be ridden over almost every kind of terrain.

Why not: You cannot go for this one if you need a bicycle for a certain kind of terrain. In that case, only a specialized bicycle will perform better.

Bicycle Anatomy in India

Since a bicycle is a kind of product that asks you to first do a deep analysis of it. In order to help you understand your bike even better and understand what you want from the same, here’s everything you need to know.

top 10 cycles in india

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  • Frame: You can call it the heart of your cycle. When you look around the market, you’ll find materials like aluminum (mostly used), steel (sometimes used), titanium (rarely found), and carbon fiber (the expensive one). It also comes in varied sizes to meet the needs of people of every height.
  • Wheels: Next, come to the wheels that are made of rubber tire, rim, and a hub that connect to the rim by the way of spokes.
  • Suspension: This is where you’ll see both the rear and front hydraulic shocks deal easily with bumps and jolts.
  • Understand like this: The bumpier your path is, the more suspension is needed. And if you want suspensions to be adjustable and lighter in weight, you might need to look out for expensive models.
  • Brakes: You’ll find 3 different kinds of brakes while selecting the model that fits your needs: Coaster hub brakes that are usually found on beach cruisers, rim brakes that can be found on those cost-effective models that include city bicycles and top-notch road cycles, and disc brakes that are cable activated. Generally, cycles with disc brakes are recommended because though they are heavier, still they stop amazingly with less force in almost every condition.
  • Drivetrain: Usually, have 1-30 gears with around 12 in the back and 1-3 in the front. Although you’ll mainly find cycles having traditional chains, a number of city bikes come with belt drives.
  • Contact Points: Besides everything mentioned above, you also need to check out the type of handlebar, saddle or the seat, the stem, and the pedals.

Things to consider while buying a Bicycle

For those who love riding bicycles but have never bought one on their own.

Also, if one of the main reasons for the same is not having proper knowledge of the product, don’t worry and just continue reading because I’ll also be helping you out with some important pointers you need to take into consideration before grabbing one for yourself.

1. Why you need one?

This should be the first and foremost question that should hit your mind because then only you’ll be able to decide the type of your bicycle.

You may want it for some competition, or just want to ride over in your nearby areas. Also, there are a few other factors that decide what type of bicycle will be a perfect fit for you.

For instance, if you want one for fitness purpose, then you should go for light-weight cycles. If you’re planning to ride it on the hilly areas or narrow footpaths, then your cycle should be compatible with that specific road type.

2. How can we ignore our comfort?

After you decide the kind of cycle you want, comfort automatically becomes the second main priority because it becomes really crucial to see whether you’ll be able to ride that certain type or not.

And to determine if you feel comfortable with your bicycle or not, just check the grips and seat of it and take a ride of it to scrutinize the complete comfort.

3. Is your bad boy durable enough?

No matter how many important pointers you keep in mind, durability is one thing you cannot afford to miss.

While buying a bicycle you need to ensure about each and every part used in the making, be it wheels, grip, frame, and seat.

And to see if your cycle is durable enough, check out for the material your product is made of.

4. What color and style you want?

Well, we cannot neglect the fact that your product should be the best quality-wise, but also it should be the best looks-wise. You can select any color and style that you think will match your choice and personality.

5. Of course, budget matters.

Gone are the days when bicycles used to come at a reasonable price. With the advancement in the features, the prices have also become high.

So, before you buy any bicycle for yourself, make sure you have a budget and then shop accordingly.

6. The brand name creates trust.

Last but not least, the brand actually creates a difference, thus it becomes really important for everyone to do a bit of research and then select a particular product.

In fact, beginners should especially keep this point in mind. After all, you’re investing in something for the first time.

So, these were some of the crucial points that can help you buy a good bicycle.

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