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Tips For Trekking in Monsoon

Monsoon trekking can be really challenging or we should say not a cup of tea for those who just love to go on trekking. But for avid trekkers, it’s like ‘Oh! New adventurous journey on my way’ and why not they are always ready with great courage and important trekking tips for the monsoon season.

Well, people usually preferred this outside activity either in the months of winters (because of heavy snowfall) or summers (to beat the scorching heat). But little did they know that monsoon season allows them to look at nature in an absolutely different manner and can be altogether a unique experience. Clear sky, rich flora and fauna, flowers in full bloom, lush greenery, and what not .

Tips For Trekking in Monsoon

There are a lot of places to go on a trek during monsoon in India and all you need to do is keep a few crucial parameters in mind and just head towards your final destination.

First and Foremost, a Raincoat

Well, there’s no need to even say anything about the same because it makes it an obvious thing to carry a raincoat while trekking during monsoon. Still, always make sure you’re investing in a quality raincoat.

It depends on you whether you want a two-piece rain suit or a poncho. And from our side, we would suggest going for a poncho as it will also save your bag from getting wet. And make sure you’re also carrying a thick jacket for cold weather.

Plastic Bags for everything in your Backpack

Yeah, you would be carrying a rain cover for your backpack, still, make sure you wrap everything inside your backpack in plastic. The reason being, in case of torrential rain, your stuff somehow does get wet.

But if you’ve plastic wrap around everything, no matter even if some water sweeps inside your backpack, they won’t get bad or wet. You can also use plastic bags to divide your clothes and accessories into two different sections. That way, you don’t even have to scamper about the things.

Take Care of your Feet

Trekking during monsoon season might lead to some sort of feet allergy or fungal infection while trekking. To avoid such a situation, what you can do is buy a pair of quality water-resistant shoes instead of waterproof shoes.

The reason why you should not go for it: waterproof boots can lock the sweat inside it but don’t let your feel breathe that further leads to irritability and odor. Make sure you change your socks every day while trekking. Dry feet absorb more water, so you must apply moisturizer or Vaseline or aloe vera gel and then wear dry socks at the end of the day.


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Keep a Mosquito Repellent

Monsoon and mosquitoes are those best friends that always come together. Stagnant water during monsoons works like a breeding ground for them, which further cause diseases like malaria. If you don’t want to get sick on a fun and adventure trek, ensure that you wear enough insect repellent and clothes to your keep your body fully covered.

This is one of the tips that should not be ignored. For those who’re not into using chemicals on their skin can opt for organic options like cinnamon oil, lavender oil, or lemon eucalyptus oil. Also, you might need to fight with leeches on your trek during monsoon. What you can do is, take salt packs along.

Waterproof Tent

Well, tents anyhow are made with waterproof material, still, make sure that your tent is strong enough to face wind and rain. Just see if the base of your tent can bear hundreds of liters of flowing currents of water.

After all, you don’t want the water to enter inside the tent while you’re asleep. You can come a long way to experience this adventurous journey and you don’t want to get it ruined.

Portable Water Filter can be a pro

One must stay hydrated and most importantly drink clean water while they are on a trek. Since it is the rainy season, there are high possibilities that the water streams get contaminated with dirt and sludge coming down with the rain. Thus, finding clean and drinkable water might be a difficult task.

So, it is important to always carry a portable water filter during monsoon season. That way you can not only keep your body hydrated but this will also avoid you from drinking water from bad water sources.

A few tips if you’re going on a trek on your own

  • Make sure you check the weather on different sites and do not rely on just one source. You can take help of IMD, Skymet, and Accuweather for reliable results. That way you can take along essential equipment according to the weather.
  • Never think of camping near areas, which are prone to flooding such as on the banks of rivers or close to gullys. Make sure you select a place that is wide and flat so you can pitch your tents safely over there.
  • You might not know this but rivers start to swell as the day passes. They remain the calmest during early morning hours. So, try to plan your trek in such a way that you cross the river early morning.

So, here we end up with some amazing and helpful tips for a monsoon trek. Try to make your packing list prior to moving out and see if you have everything with you. If you want to know more about trekking, Check lifeasanku – one of my fellow traveler from India.

Have a safe monsoon trekking!

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