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Top Treks to do in India during Monsoon

When it comes to trekking in India, people usually recommend not making it during monsoon season because there are many trails in the Himalayas that become risky due to heavy rainfall and risk of landslides. But little did they know that there are many treks you can explore and appreciate its beauty and not just in the Himalayas but in the Western Ghats as well.

Also, other major reasons why you should not miss trekking during monsoons in India: flowers are in full bloom and are all bright and colorful, you can see plenty of birds, and the best of all is this season is no less than a refreshing experience.

So, here we are with the list of best treks you can consider doing during monsoon.

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Valley of Flowers

Starting with one of the treks in India during monsoon, the Valley of Flower National Park remains open only during the rainy season i.e. from July to September. Also, you’ll be glad to know that his UNESCO World Heritage Site is the second core zone in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve.

Valley of Flowers

During this season, the flowers are in full bloom and the entire place looks like a colorful sheet of flowers making it one of the most relaxing and mesmerizing places out there. You would never want to leave such pleasant weather. You can also witness beautiful butterflies, chirping birds, and animals such as Musk Deer out there. So, all the shutterbugs out there, keep your camera ready and click as many pictures you can.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

“Paradise on the Earth”, no doubt why this name has been given to this place, the beauty and charm of Kashmir attracts you like a magnet. And this stunning trek is just like walking through this paradise. Once you start the trek, you’ll walk through 3 passes along with mesmerizing blooming meadows, where you can witness sparkling cascades and wild horses.

Kashmir great lakes trek

The trek is one of the moderately difficult treks and should be considered by those who have ever tried trekking. It’s a week-long trek that allows you to witness 7 different stunning lakes, one better from the other, for sure. No comparison. You need to start from Sonamarg and then pass through Nichnai, Vishnusar, Kishansar, and a few other places.

Roopkund Trek

Have you ever heard about the ‘Mystery Lake’ or the ‘Skeleton Lake’? The term mystery sounds better, no? Don’t panic we’re not going to take you some haunted place. Roopkund is one other beautiful trek, covered with lush greenery, dense forests, narrow passes, snow-clad mountains, wonderful meadows, and glaciers.

Roopkund Trek

So, what is this all about Skeleton Lake? During the monsoon season, due to heavy rainfall, the place becomes really clear and takes you to a lake where hundreds of hum skeletons lie in and around it. The lake has a few stories attached to it, you’ll get to learn once you visit the place.

Rupin Pass

Here comes one of the most enchanting treks and is famous for its ever-changing landscapes. This 9-days Rupin Pass trek is believed to be a surprise for its visitors or trekkers as they witness something new every time they visit the place.

Rupin pass

The stunning blue waters, snowfields, coniferous meadows, and numerous gorgeous waterfalls won’t let you keep your eyes off of this heavenly beauty. Also, this moderate-difficult trek is at a height of 15,380ft, thus all you need is good stamina and courage to complete this trek.

Pin Parvati Trek

If you somehow don’t feel like moving to Spiti Valley or feel that you’re not ready for this trek, we have an alternate path for you, Pin Parvati Trek. This 13-17 days trek is one of the oldest treks in the Indian Himalayas. Pin Parvati, also known as the “Valley of Gods” allows you to look around and see the mesmerizing views out there.

Pin Parvati trek

Also, this approximately 100km long trans-Himalayan trek is just the ideal option for the seasonal trekkers that passes through the Great Himalayan National Park. Talking about the difficulty level of the trek, it is moderate to strenuous.

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Hampta Pass Trek

Here comes another stunning trek, which is just perfect for both beginners and experts that looks like a perfect heavenly picture during the monsoons. The stunning Hampta Pass trek forms a link between Kullu Valley and Lahaul Valley and for this, you need to start from Manali that allows you to witness mind-blowing eye-catching alpine forests, mighty Himalayan mountains, glaciers, grassland, and much more.

Hampta Pass

Talking about the time and difficulty level of the trek, it takes around 4-5 days to complete the trek and the difficulty level is easy to moderate, thus anyone can try it out.

Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek

Did you know that Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek was founded by a British group accompanied by 6 shepherds? One of the beautiful treks, which is definitely treat to the eyes, especially during monsoon rains. Keep on trekking on an uphill that might be a little challenging some times, but the end results are definitely worth seeing it.

Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek

And you’ll also get to see some Himalayan species like Serow, Bharal, Brown Bear, Himalayan Thar, and many more. The best part about this particular trek is that it allows you to see views of around 12 peaks including Changaband, Trishuli, Nanda Kot, and many more.

Har ki Dun

Last but definitely not least, Har ki Dun is the trek that takes you through the Govind National Park popularly known for its beautiful flora and fauna, where you’ll get to see moraine ridges, pine forests, alpine meadows, and ancient villages on one side.

Har ki Dun

On the other side of the trek, it allows you to see outstanding views of Ruinsara, Bandarpoonch, and Swargarohini. An 8 days trek with moderate difficulty level, Har ki Dun is at a height of 11,700ft. Also, wildlife enthusiasts should not miss watching out an ample number of species of birds and animals.

So, if you’re heading out for a vacation, here is the list of treks you can consider during monsoons in India. Go out when it’s raining because there’s no better way you can appreciate and enjoy this season.

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