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Your Go-To Guide About Wear While Whitewater Rafting


Whitewater rafting would be essential to your list if you are into adventure escapades. Although it looks all fun and exhilarating, one needs to it right. Don’t fret, we are here to help you as your ultimate adventure guide. Whitewater rafting is a thrilling adventure sport where you guide your way through rough waters with an inflated boat. It sounds difficult but once if you do it right its nothing but a cake walk. Let’s find out what to wear while white water rafting and other imperative things.

What To Wear White Water Rafting

During Summer, the casual and the comfier your attire is, the better and easy going the entire process becomes. The most appropriate examples would be carrying your swimsuit, Nylon shorts as they are quick-drying and an old light cotton t-shirt.
Now, talking about the footwear. Casual dressing and flip-flops do go hand in hand but for rafting, they are the biggest blunder that you could possibly commit. Old tennis shoes, river sandals, or water shoes will do the trick and make your grip non-slippery.
Since its going to be hot and humid and the sun will be at its scorching best, sun hat seems like a great idea. It will save you from direct exposure of the sun.
Necessary equipment like helmet, lifejackets, paddles etc will be provided by the respective organization facilitating the entire rafting experience.


• Make sunscreen your best friend, preferably waterproof and non-slippery will be perfect for the situation.
• Keep safe your electronics and other valuables like jewelry, cards and money.

White Water Rafting during Spring and Colder Weather

For colder weather, Layering is your answer to the cold thrashes that you might face during rafting. Do not go for cotton clothes layering, stick to lene for base layers to keep the cold out. For outer layers, which will be your water-resistant layer, Rain and splash jackets seem like the suitable idea. River shoes and paddling pants are a must for rafting in winters and otherwise. Layering as mentioned should be the non-cotton and synthetic. To cover your head, you can carry a Beanie or a winter hat.


• Be it winters or summer, sunscreen is always a must while going out in the sun.
• Make sure your hair is tied and held out of your sight
• If you are planning to camp which usually is the case, so make sure you have your camping essentials like bug spray and a tent.

Best Time to go White Water Rafting

If you go by the footfalls and sheer logic to getting drenched in the water then Summers are the best time and the peak time as well for the water sports. Monsoons and winters make thing a little difficult and especially monsoon. Monsoons can be threatening as well because of the plenty of rainfall, making river water a little rough and tricky.

White Water rafting is one of the most white-knuckle adventure sports but has surely become a fad. The excitement of the water thrashing and splashing your inflated boat and the importance of teamwork are just a few perks out of many that you can get out of this sport.

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