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About Us

Hi! We are Ashutosh and Sydney and welcome to Routeprints.com so glad to meet you. To give you a brief of what Routeprints is all about, this is my happy place where we share our experiences, adventures, travel tips (sometimes budget ones), suggestions for different places you should plan to visit, and our favorite part i.e. photography with you from my travels around the world.

Without consuming you uselessly, let me get started out with another brief information about how we started all this, what made us quit my 9-5 job and travel the world, and everything.

So, there was always something inside us since our college days that used to nudge me to step out and move to a new place (be it with my friends or family). After our graduation, like any other normal person, we were looking for a decent job that can pay me well.

Eventually, that didn’t help as a sense of satisfaction was missing somewhere. Then things got changed and we decided not to live a life bound by hindrances and do what our heart says. We began with my own thing, and if we fast forward to the present day, We have traveled to 19 countries and 63 states till now and still counting.

Well, you cannot let your experiences go wasted without sharing it with someone and that made me think why not share it with hundreds and thousands of people around the world.

That’s when Routeprints took birth and we started sharing my strong emotions for travel, how much we love experiencing new cultures, some tips while traveling, best things to carry while traveling, best places to visit for a specific reason, and sometimes Iweeven give reviews for the ideal homestays and hotels.

So, all in all, we write pretty much anything and everything related to travel with a hope that we can inspire you to stand up and step out to learn more about the world yourself, learn how to travel the world, open your mind to new possibilities, and look for experiences and not assets.

They say you’re never too old or too busy to think what you’re actually doing, pause it, and take some time to follow your dreams. Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did do- Mark Twain.

So, this is our story and we can proudly say that we have done my part and still looking for reasons to make it even better.But honestly, the best stories are the ones you create yourself and share.

Check out our blog and see if they can motivate or help you out in any way. You can ask me anything without hesitation, either by commenting on our posts, or just connect with me on Instagram or Twitter.

What are you waiting for? Start your own #TravelDiaries and trust me in no time, you’ll not only turn your travel dreams into reality but will also see a new you.

Happy Traveling!