About Us

Route Prints is a synergy dedicated to the love for travel, created and curated by Ashutosh Bhatt and Dhrishni Thakuria. The intent is to live a life full of dreams – dreams that include doing a road trip on a truck, living in a tribal hut, running on a lush tea garden, sleeping under a blanket full of stars. 

How Route Prints Happened

Before we became full-time travel bloggers, we were just like most other people. I, Ashutosh, have been a Digital Marketer for over 6 years and Dhrishni has maintained a life in and out of Content Writing. Traveling became a part of our lives for the past few years, ever since we individually explored our solo travelling sprees. So coming together to create a space where our stories could be shared with the world became inevitable after a point of time. 

For trial, I explored Leh-Ladakh, Europe and Indonesia (Europe for an entire month!), while Dhrishni explored Northern Indian mountains majorly Himachal and Uttarakhand via slow travel. We enjoyed the uncertainties that came along with our travelling. On returning back, we began blogging our travel journeys and that’s how Route Prints came to being. 

Who Are We

Our distinctive originalities only add on to the excitement of our insightful travelogues – I, Ashutosh have been born and brought up in Delhi, while Dhrishni hails from the valleys of Assam. India is a land of cultural and terrestrial diversity and factors as such are a boon to say the least. 


Route Prints wants to inspire you to lead a life of adventures and interesting travel stories. It does not matter which part of the world you call home – always be on the go and keep inspiring the world with your travelogues. It’s an unusually amazing way of life: fun, uncertain and ticking chances as they come along.

Our Traveling Tales Are Something Like This…

Unlike most travel bloggers who explore places together, we believe in not really creating a bucket list together. There are places we want to go, cultures we want to explore and meet people from different places – but we focus on the minutest details more than focussing on travelling together. For the travelling within India we have done so far, as impromptu as it sounds, the one way departure tickets are more vocal than doing a round ticket. We love to talk to locals when we are on a tour, they are the best guides in the world. 

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