• Are you at the planning stage of a peaceful weekend getaway around Delhi? Valentine’s Day is around the corner as well, so are you looking to spend a romantic weekend with your loved one while basking in the glory of the Himalayas? Are you nodding your head to the above? I suggest you give this article a quick read.  Rishikesh is ideally known as the Yoga capital of the world, situated at the confluence of Ganga and Chandrabhaga river and surrounded by the foothills of Himalayas. If I was, to sum up this Rishikesh experience in one word it would be: SURREAL. All thanks to this beautiful property of Neemrana Hotels. The Glasshouse On The Ganges is one of the most beautifully secluded spaces in Rishikesh, situated by the edge of a white sand beach of the Ganges. Also read: Neemrana Fort Palace It overlays five cottages in the spread and is

  • Ladakh is a beautiful area in North India, situated at the foot of the majestic Himalayas. It is a fascinating combination of beautiful lakes, spectacular mountains, Tibetan monasteries, and green valleys. When you visit Ladakh, you should definitely not skip these 8 places. Also read: Best time to visit Ladakh. 8 PLACES THAT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY VISIT IN LADAKH Leh Palace This age-old palace was built in 1553 on Tsemo Hill, at the foot of the city. The structure has nine floors and it is built according to Tibetan architecture - from stone, wood, sand, and mud. Also read - The most beautiful beaches of Neil Island  Until the nineteenth century, Leh Palace was the home of the royal family of Ladakh, who moved to Stok Palace after an attack on the palace. In the building is a museum, where you can admire old royal possessions, such as jewelry, clothing, and crowns. Nubra Valley The Nubra Valley is

  • This small, cozy piece of paradise has only been open to tourists for a few years, making the island a real undiscovered gem. On Neil Island there is a calm, relaxed vibe, you will find breathtaking beautiful coral reefs and you can relax on beautiful tropical beaches, which you often have large or even completely to yourself. You should definitely visit these four beaches when you are on Neil Island. Also read: THE FERRY ON THE ANDAMAN ISLANDS Beautiful Beaches of Neil Island Sitapur Beach This yellow sandy beach, which covers almost the entire east coast of Neil Island, is best known for the magical sunset, although you have to be on the beach around 5:00 AM. Sitapur Beach is surrounded by tropical forests and because the clear, turquoise water is so calm here, it is an ideal place to take a refreshing dip.  The beach is visited by few tourists,

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