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Neemrana ‘non-hotel’ Hotels’ – Press Release

Neemrana ‘non-hotel’ Hotels’ brand new logo is all about sustainability, restoration of local livelihoods, and becoming one with nature.

The logo brings together the colours blue and green and other natural elements to signify the post-Covid-19 environment and more sustainable operations

New Delhi, 22 June, 2020: Neemrana Hotels, famously known as ‘non-hotel’ Hotels has launched a new logo defining the post COVID-19 era. The change is indicative of the brand’s commitment to a more sustainable future. Designed by Aman Nath, the Founder -Chairman of Neemrana, the logo is self-explanatory of its purpose indicating how the brand defines itself on the footprint of history – and not add theirs or that of the customer to the planet.

Neemrana’s new logo is in stark contrast from the colours used in the past with a lot of nature in the current design. The green and blue are indicative of the post-Covid planet and sky. In pure colours, the brand invites its guests to be among them for a fresh growth akin to the three-leafed twig germinating in a Neemrana environment. The line connects all the letters of the word Neemrana signifying the strength of the team members and their commitment towards fighting the pandemic.

Speaking about this, Mr Aman Nath, said, “We are proud to present our new logo which is a reminder of the fact that sustainability and support for locals are key to a post-Covid-19 environment. We have always believed in a sustainable heritage involving local communities. Now more than ever, our efforts are directed at ensuring that their rural pride resurges to win the battle against counter migration to urban slums. When you stay at a Neemrana non-hotel Hotel, you join our fight in supporting our local team members. By starting afresh, we want to ensure the continuity and well-being of every stakeholder associated with the brand.”

Any guest visiting a Neemrana property experiences a lower-footprint holiday that includes re-living history, enjoying natural beauty, relishing local cuisine of the region, interacting with local staff members and enjoying a simple yet warm hospitality. The blue and green elements in the new logo thus naturally take the guest’s mind to the sky and countryside, suggesting the healthy, open ambience of all Neemrana properties.

Neemrana ‘non-hotel’ hotels started by looking at restoring historical properties that held stories about the glorious past of India. What was first spotted in 1977 as a vast and splendid ruin of the Fort Palace of Neemrana has since become synonymous in India as a foremost example of architectural restoration-for-reuse. Since then, the brand has focused continuously on restoring past historical wonders into modern-day heritage hotels, which can give a true picture of India’s culture, heritage, and values to the discerning traveler.

For more Information: https://www.neemranahotels.com/

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