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One simple question: why do you generally pay a visit to a new city? Well, I move to a new city to take a break from my monotonous life, to experience the culture of the city, to meet new people, and most importantly to have my time.

So, recently I have been to California and got to know why Californians are so much in love with their state. No, that’s not their food, neither their beautiful beaches nor deserts.

But it’s actually those hot springs where they have been soaking themselves for years and no doubt why people even recommend California as one of the best places to enjoy hot springs.

Are you worried about where to find the best in the state? Let all your worries go down in the drain and just focus on these 7 best hot springs in California. Are you ready to dive in?

West Valley Hot Spring

West Valley Hot Spring

The hot spring is situated in Northern California above the east bank of the West Valley Reservoir. But you should be brave enough to drive your 4-wheel vehicle through the extremely rough and rutted dirt road to reach there and experience that modest A-frame shack that is able to provide you protection from the chilly winds while you’ll be soaking yourself in the 108ᵒ tub. Also, if possible, try to reach a few hours before the sunset to enjoy the eye-pleasing views of sunsets over the reservoir.

Calistoga Spa Hot Springs

Calistoga Spa Hot Springs

You know what is the best thing I found about Calistoga Spa Hot Springs is that they have been operated since the 1900s. The hot spring is present in Calistoga in the upper Napa Valley. This one is a geothermal mineral water resort that has different hot springs with different temperatures. In addition to that, the hot spring also has a spa and wellness center, mud and as well as a mineral bath, a huge mineral pool.

Wait, that’s not the end, all these pools even include a covered whirlpool (104ᵒF), multi-lane lap pool (80ᵒF), a soaking pool (100ᵒF), and a wading pool for your kids. Another reason why I have put the name in my list because the place is encircled by patios with sun loungers, barbecue, and day beds.

Buckeye Hot Springs

Buckeye Hot Springs

Located in Central California, Buckeye Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful rustic hot springs set along Bridgeport in California’s Eastern Sierra Mountains. This one is a set of 2 hot springs where the first one is located at the top of the parking area. Though this one has the facility of mud bath but one can enjoy mesmerizing views of the Eastern Sierra Mountains and creek. On the next side, the second one is present alongside the river and gets parted from the stream by rocks, thus creates a beautiful pool. Also, this second one is quite warmer than the previous one (112ᵒF). Well, the waterfall is already warm but when enters the cool water of the creek, makes it a perfect hot spring to spend time in.

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs that is also known as Crowley Hot springs is perhaps one of the easiest hot springs to reach that includes a simple and flat 2-mile hike made easy by an elevated wooden walkway. Also, the hot spring is often considered one of the best places to host big parties. This one also includes 2 pools where the first one is 10-foot wide and almost 3 feet deep and is really warm and relaxing. Whereas, the second one is for the love-birds because the pool is heart-shaped, is a bit larger, and is much hotter. Also, do not miss the vast open savannah and amazing mountain views encircled by the pool.

Travertine Hot Springs

Travertine Hot Springs

What if I say you can start your mornings with breathtaking views of the Sierra Mountains? The hot spring is a few miles drive from highway 395 and the best part is that the place is next to Forest Service Land so you can plan for camping along the back roads. Another reason you should not miss visiting the place is the naturally heated pools of water and the mud floor.

Tecopa Hot Springs

Tecopa Hot Springs

You must have heard about Death Valley National Park or I should say home to numerous mud baths and hot springs, Tepoca is situated near its Southern end only. One cannot take their eyes off the main hot spring, Tepoca Hot Spring, and greenery that looks like an oasis in the middle of desert dunes and mud flats.

Those who have already experienced it must have known that the ideal time to walk away with the hot springs coated with silty mud is during March and April. And if you want to enjoy the finest mud mite free experience always try to go for small concrete Tecopa Hot Tub that is probably a part of a long-gone residence.

Steep Ravine Hot Spring

Steep Ravine Hot Spring

Last but definitely not the least, this one is Mother Earth’s best creation that includes the hot spring, a bunch of hiking paths, and sandy beach that makes it the ideal choice for both locals and tourists. Also, before you plan to pay a visit, ensure that you turn to a tide chart because the hot spring is only exposed when there’s a low tide.

You’ve come to enjoy some personal time or maybe you’re there with your partner but what’s that? A huge crowd?  Not to worry, you can enjoy the sulfur-scented geothermal vents present at the base of the cliffs on the beach with no interference. What are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and get a lifetime experience in California’s hot springs. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Well, it will be really hard to ignore that Cape Town is one of the best and coolest cities in the world that has no shortage of spectacular viewing points. And what if I say that I had recently been there and the place where I was staying used to wake me up to the mind-blowing mountain views.

Designer Penthouse

The Designer Penthouse is definitely one of the perfect locations in the city (Western Cape) that is run by the perfect host Vera. Well-managed, well-decorated, comfy, and spacious area are some of the ideal features that make the apartment just a perfect fit, no matter you’re visiting there as a couple, with family, or on a business tour.

wanderlust 03
wanderlust 04
wanderlust 02

Talking about the place, the Penthouse consist of a huge living space spread on two floors and the downstairs area consists of a kitchen where you’ll be provided with literally everything, from espresso machine for your morning coffee to microwave and washing machine. Ah! I never felt like I am away from my home.

Wait, your wonderful host has even taken care of your entertainment, that means she has make an arrangement of a smart TV with an already setup Netflix account. What else you need after a long tiring day or after exploring the city? Just you and your favorite Netflix show along with South African finest wine and Braai. All sorted.

The downstairs was my favorite spot where I could enjoy sight-seeing those amazing mountain views, table mountain, lion head, signal hill, and devils peak without any interference.

No matter where you go or live, you never want to compromise with your beauty sleep, right? Again, not to worry, because Vera has taken good care about that too. The Penthouse has 3 different bedrooms with their respective features and the master bedroom was my first choice because it was having a queen size bed and I could wake up to the mountain views daily. The other two upstairs bedrooms also had a queen size bed and a huge balcony to enjoy some amazing views over the harbor and the HottenTotten Mountains in the distance.

Hey, if you’re planning to pay a visit in the summers then don’t miss chilling at the pool that is on the Penthouse’s level and can be easily seen from the upstairs balcony because working on the tan while enjoying some fantastic views is all anyone could ask for.

Believe me, once you visit the place, you’ll never want to leave the place soon. And the best part is that your host stays in the same building and will always help or make sure that you’re staying as amazing as possible.

For booking, click here:

If you don’t spend your afternoons exploring sleepy Goan villages and beautiful architecture, you haven’t really experienced Goa. I am not saying just to say this but these are some true feelings of a happy soul who is sharing her experience with you all. And big big thanks to Hardika and Anirudh who made me explore this mesmerizing side of the city.

After getting a chance to know them, I came to know that this 30+ couple is actually from Mumbai who didn’t want to be a part of the rat race and decided to start their home to travelers, Miss Jenny’s Homestay, a peaceful location yet close to the city’s hustle-bustle that makes it the perfect to enjoy both the sides to the city.

Here are some of the Amazing Images I have Captured.

I’ll be starting with my favorite thing, but before that tell me if you’re a dog lover by any chance? Yes? Then you’re going to love the place even more because the couple lives with their adorable dog or I should say with their little furball of happiness. Not to worry even if you’re afraid of them because they have made arrangements (doggy gates) for those who aren’t comfortable with pets.

P.S: I had a great time with their dog. ( That’s Something Awesome )

Talking about saligao, the place is a lush village with Kingfishers, Drongons, local pubs, tiny eateries that serve the best homemade Goan food, and grand Old Portuguese homes. Oh! Did I mention that even they are living in the downstairs section of a 100-year-old Goan Portuguese house? In addition to that, there’s an amazing museum just behind their homestay as well.

You’re visiting Goa then, of course, you don’t just want to have a gala time at the Beaches, Forts, Markets or any other place mentioned in your Google search (Top 10 things to do in Goa or Best places to visit in Goa). You too need comfort and luxuries at your home or the place you’ll be staying at..

So, I checked Best time to visit Goa and booked this Home. Thankfully, Miss Jenny’s Homestay has two big cozy rooms on the upper level of the house that are interconnected, thus making it apt for family or a group of friends. They also have attached balconies and common sitting area in the garden. Hey look, you have such a peaceful place for reading, playing, and for enjoying their delectable Indian-Continental breakfast. The third floor is an independent garden cottage that makes it a perfect fit for those who prefer a ground level room.

It’s not the end, the place itself is well-equipped with HD TV, AC, Water heater, Water bottles, Minibar, Tea/ Coffee maker, and bath essentials in your room. Damn! There’s nothing to worry about any basic essential. 

If anyhow you’re paying a visit to the country’s pocket-sized paradise, don’t miss the chance to stay at this breathtaking villa that is beautifully run by two wonderful hosts and their love and warmth.

You can contact them at

Miss Jenny’s Homestay
Saligao, Bardez, North Goa
Mob: +91 9892986222/ +91 9892343828/  +91 7066109509