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Delsey Luggage bags: Your Perfect Companion This Holiday Season

A dependable luggage bag to a traveler is what the right shoe is to Cinderella. If the shoe fits, it can change your life and similarly if the bag is right it can completely change the whole travel experience. Rock-hard luggage with easy accessibility and chic compatibility with your travel essentials is a blessing in disguise. Therefore, we will take you through the best of best travel essential reviews in the coming time, beginning with Delsey Luggage Bags.  In this particular post, we will be taking about Delsey as a luggage provider and which product too will cater to your requirements.

Delsey Luggage Review

Delsey, based in Tremblay-en-France, in the Paris suburbs, is a manufacturer of travel accessories and luggage primarily since 1946. With a turnover of nearly 130 Million, it employs more than 400 staff members. They have a vast array of products with a specially curated range of travel and luggage bags varying in size, color, price etc.

Size and Weight

Most of their bags come in three sizes such namely [su_highlight color=”#c4502e”]20 Inch, 24 Inch and 28 Inch suitcase.[/su_highlight] 20 Inch being the smallest luggage bags to fit into cabinets and overhead drawers, 24 Inch being the ideal one for smaller trips and lastly 28 Inch bag is appropriate for your check-in luggage and one considers it for mostly longer duration of trips.

Since all these suitcases are made out of Polycarbonate, they aren’t heavy at all to carry around or cost you an exertion equivalent to that of a brisk workout session.


The bags aren’t just handy but also available readily. From online portals like [su_highlight color=”#c4502e”]Amazon to on ground showrooms,[/su_highlight] they can be procured from many places. Talking about another aspect of availability, the variety is what will woo you off your feet. Depending upon your need, taste and travel time, each size at a premium and a non-premium range is a steal deal.


It is the optimum choice as it is reasonably priced in comparison of other competition offering the same quality and features. This is one of the major reasons why it is so popular as it promises quality, style and durability at the best price.


They have a Helium range of bags which are expandable up to two inches each, which lets you maintain the lightweight characteristics and yet give you a chance to expand your travel essential list or your shopping list.

Easy Mobility

Due to their [su_highlight color=”#c4502e”]lightweight and compact structure[/su_highlight] they can be moved and carried around easily without an essence of bulkiness. Moreover, when you are traveling for longer time and distant places, carrying immensely heavy luggage can be an issue itself and become a pet peeve. After careful discretion and experience, I can say they do check this box as well.

Warranty and Durability

They come with a total [su_highlight color=”#c4502e”]lifetime warranty of up till Ten years,[/su_highlight] starting from two years. As an owner to three of them from the helium and Chatelet range, I haven’t faced any trouble and it has been more than 7 years of ownership. Additionally, they come with unbreakable locks which keeps your things and safety intact. Some of their ranges also consist of self-repairing zippers.


All the luggage bags come with infused [su_highlight color=”#c4502e”]French design with three Handles,[/su_highlight] the third one is usually at the bottom of the suitcase. It is built with expandable and self-repairing zippers with out of the world internal compartmentalization. Trust me, if you have an OCD for organizing thing then these Delsey bags are a match made in heaven. They have major compartments for your extra goods, laptops and what not. Apart from that, they have steady 360 wheels for easy movement.

After careful analysis and multiple years of traveling along the brand’s products, I vouch for them their bags and like mentioned above, no stone is left unturned by the brand to give you the best at the best possible price. So, what are you waiting for? Buy it today to pack all the rudiments this holiday season.

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