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Ultimate Guide To Packing List For Hawaii

The most recent state to join the United States, Hawaii, is exclusively located in Oceania. It is made entirely of Islands, the eight main islands being Molokai, Lānai, Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Kahoolawe, Maui, and the Island of Hawaii.

It is one of those much-coveted dream destinations for the majority of travelers out there. After all, who wouldn’t want the perfect tan, sun, beaches and the crushing sound of the waves. Although, packing for Hawaii can be a bit of a task because of its non-uniform geography. It has a humid and tropical climate but at the same time if you are visiting the eastern island side then you might just stumble upon rainfall. While on the western side, the temperature is warm. 

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So, without wasting much time, lets dive into preparing the packing list.

What To Pack For Hawaii


Hawaii has a humid and tropical climate with a plethora of activities waiting for you. Pack light and leave room for the souvenirs you will be bringing along your way.  Carry your swimsuits and sportswear for activities like hiking, trekking, and even snorkeling and save your casual wear for sightseeing. Fabrics like light cotton and linens and lighter shades are the most suitable for Hawaiian weather.  Also, carry a light jacket or pullover for those breezy evenings by the beaches. If you are traveling to Kauai, here are some of the best beaches in Kauai.


The most favorable footwears are Flip-flops, they are literally your best friends in Hawaii. Also, carry your casual closed-toe footwear for those fancy dinners but don’t make the mistake of arriving with high heels on, it will steal from the comfortable and the easy-breezy vibe of the place. Must carry a pair of hiking/trekking shoes for the respective plans and you are good to go. Dole plantation is something you shouldn’t miss in Hawaii.


Apart from the regular toiletries which are soap, face wash, razor, toothpaste toilet paper etc one must carry a high SPF sunblock. If you are photosensitive, might want to carry a sun-beach hat and an Umbrella and avoid long exposures in the sun because trust me, the sun is indeed pretty strong there. Also, don’t commit the sin of not carrying your sunglasses, polarized ones will be a cherry on the top. Mosquito repellents are also a must carry.

Maps and Guidebook

Yes, you might be thinking in the 21st century of advanced technology and every information being a click away, why would I suggest a late 90s essentials. Well, you know how they say, better safe than sorry. A map and a guidebook will always be handy when your phone’s signals disappoint you. Moreover, these guidebooks are unidirectional and easy to read and comprehend. This overall saves a lot of time.

Luggage Bags and Bag packs

If you are traveling with luggage, make sure you carry a bag pack as well for hiking and going around the city, while your luggage sits safely in your hotel room. Try and carry water-proof bags and luggage bags for extra safety from water and rainfall. Also, you are going to be on in the sun, beside the beach. Hence, make sure you carry a good layer of coverage for your important stuff like phones.

Travel Documents and Medicines

Travel documents like your passport, ID proofs, cards, and ticket should be safely packed where you can reach them easily. Always keep extra copies handy and the original ones somewhere discreet. Also, don’t forget your preservative medicines and OTC remedies handy when traveling to a distant destination.

Other travel essentials

Last but most certainly not the least, are your other travel essentials like a good camera to capture those picturesque, placid blue lakes and skyrocketing pine trees. Also, one must not forget a pair of binoculars if you are planning whale watching, etc. An added-on Hammock would be a win-win situation too. 
Well now we have rescued you from the pain of compiling a checklist, you better take your sunnies out honey and hop on that plane. Don’t ever forget to Tan and sunbathe when in Hawai.

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