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Culture of Rajasthan By Routeprints

Padharo Sa Mhare Desh. The moment we listen to this line, we automatically draw pictures of Rajasthan in our mind, don’t we? The Land of Rajputs, a place that was once ruled by different kings that include Marathas, Rajputs, and also Muslims. Thus it makes the culture of Rajasthan really special.

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That is why, one of the biggest reasons why this place is home to a number of gorgeous forts that are known for their stunning architecture, different languages, and beautiful culture shared by the people of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Tradition

And if you ever visit this high-spirited state, I can assure you that you won’t be able to forget its historic cities, bustling markets, folk music, and dance, art and craft, and its colorful culture which makes it a perfect getaway from Delhi – The capital.

Though everything is absolutely able to make you fall in love with this place even more. But what I believe is that you cannot really relate to all these things discussed above unless you experience them. You can only feel the beauty of a thing when you witness and explore with your eyes.

Well, I cannot take you personally to the place but I can make you learn about the culture of Rajasthan with the help of my articl so that you already a bit about the essence of this state. Come and let’s see what Rajasthan has to offer you.

Culture of Rajasthan

Atithi Devo Bhava

What is a city or state when you don’t receive warm welcomes from it? Well, at this moment, I can’t really say anything any other place but there’s one such place in India that welcomes you with warm hugs and traditional flavors.

Atithi Devo Bhava

Rajasthan is the state where people believe that their guests are like a god and one should treat them in the same manner. And trust me this was the very first reason that still makes me visit the place whenever possible.

Another reason that will surely make you believe in this statement (Atithi Devo Bhava), that maximum numbers of people out there are indulged in tourism-related jobs, thus they make sure that their tourists are treated in the best way possible and they can also earn good revenue due to the same reason.


Talking about the culture of Rajasthan, it not only defines how Rajasthani’s enjoys their traditions and lifestyle but also shows the culture of our country. The perfect place which shows the tradition of Rajasthan is Pushkar. Here is our travel guide to Pushkar.

People here in Rajasthan follow their same culture that is around 5000 years old and once you experience them, you’ll definitely see a perfect blend of history, tradition, and pinch of modern contemporary lifestyle.

Rajasthan Culture

When I explored this beautiful place, I got to learn and witness various things like their folk music and dances, ancient and mind-blowing forts, mansions, palaces, holy places with different beliefs, colorful festivals and fairs, and of course, their tempting cuisines.

And not just this, but you’ll get mesmerized by the commercial markets of Rajasthan. Their products are really famous all over the country and even I bought a lot of amazing things from there.

You can also grab some from this really long list or simply window shop for things like tie and die textiles, amazing bandhej saris and Kurtis, block print textiles, hand-knotted carpets and durries, mojaris and jutis, wooden furniture, stunning blue pottery, and many more.


People of Rajasthan can be seen following their customs and traditions very strictly, which are majorly related to the Vedic rites and rituals. All the customs and rituals right from birth to death are followed properly and are really essential for each and every person in Rajasthan.

You might notice slight variations in the way they perform them but that varies region to region and a number of sub-castes. All the ceremonies are performed at a part of the custom that is known as Samskaras that portray 3 different stages of life: birth, marriage, and death.

There are a total of 16 such events that are done that includes Garbandhan, Pumsvan, Seemantonayan, Jatakarma, Namkaran, Nishkraman, Annaprashan, Chudakaran, Karna-Vedha, Upanayana-Vedarambha, Keshanta, Samavartan, Vivaha, Vanprastha, Sanyas, and Antyeshthi.


If you’re planning to visit Rajasthan any time soon, make sure you try out Rajasthani food, which is mainly known for its spices and many time for the sweetness of it. Starting with the most delicious and famous thing of Rajasthan- Dalbati Churma is made of dal and wheat flour kneaded with yogurt and full of ghee.

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I literally had it every day in at least one meal of the day. Next, come to these amazing Kachori, which is basically of 2 different kinds: Pyaaz or onion kachori, the spicy one and mawa kachori, the sweet one.

Rajasthani Food

You can easily get both the kinds of kachoris on any literally any food stall in Rajasthan. Anyone out there who has a sweet tooth? Well, if yes, you should not miss tasting the state’s two of the most tempting sweet dishes namely ghewar and gheriya that are found in almost every restaurant of Rajasthan.

Also, an interesting fact to note that most of the dishes here are prepared using pure and desi ghee and more than 70% natives of this state are Lacto vegetarian, thus Rajasthan is even considered as one of the most vegetarian states of the country.


This particular thing was one that I found really interesting besides the culture and tradition of Rajasthan.

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And when you pay a visit to Rajasthan, you’ll see that religion has a strong influence on the people of this state. You’ll also see that most natives of Rajasthan are Hindus (majorly Vaishnavas), Jains, and Muslims.

Rajasthani Religion

In fact, you can even make your way to different renowned temples that are considered crucial holy sites like Jagdish Temple, Andeshwar Parshwanath, Abdullah Pir Dargah, Lodrakar and Ranakpur Jain Temple to name a few. You’ll get to learn more about why this specific pilgrim site is situated here, the story behind its establishment and many more interesting facts.

You’ll even witness the outstanding architectural structures that mainly depict the style of the 8th and 11th century.

Camel Festivals

One of the main reasons why I always wanted to visit and explore the beauty of Rajasthan was to try the camel ride and to attend the yearly camel fairs.

We all have been taught this since we were kids that camels are the ship of the desert and they can easily survive the toughest conditions of the desert, be it extreme heat or chilly winds, scarcity of water, or winds. You should definitely try a camel ride and see how well they can take you to places.

Camel Festival

Also, if you’re lucky enough, you can even attend the camel fairs held in Bikaner, Pushkar, and other regions every year. It’s a proper festival and a huge day for all the camel owners out there.

All the camels are dressed up beautifully, and different events and competitions are organized as a part of the entertainment that includes camel dance and camel race. You can also attend this 2 days festival dedicated to the ship of the desert when in Rajasthan.

I had the best time there and trust me you won’t experience such a unique kind of festival anywhere in the country even though there are so many unusual festivals in our country.


Being a dedicated shopaholic at heart, I always look for what special kind of dressing sense people have from a particular state or city.

And when in Rajasthan you just cannot take your eyes off from those vibrant colors, bright, and shining clothes.

Rajastani Attire

Women here mainly carry an odhni in order to cover their head as a mark of respect. Whereas men usually wear dhoti and kurta, along with a paggri or safah. Also, their beautiful clothes are either embroidered or dotted and they usually prefer wearing cotton or sometimes silk.


Since Rajasthan is considered one of the biggest tourist destinations of the country and people from all over the world visit to enjoy the authenticity and simplicity of this place, a large number of people depend on the income earned through tourism.

Though the natives of Rajasthan are seen speaking Marwari, Mevati, Jaipuri, or Malvi out of which Marwari is the most common dialect. Still, people have learned both Hindi and English in order to communicate better with tourists.

Music and Dance

There’s no fun in traveling through a new city or state if there’s no source of entertainment. Yeah, you’ll get to see numerous things that can make your day but folk music and dance do its own magic.

The songs of Rajasthan recite a different story and are mainly sung on special occasions and festivals.

Rajasthani Dance

Traditional instruments are used for the same and trust me these folk songs and music can even make the desert bloom. And talking about the dance forms, they varied among different tribes.

Some of the renowned dance forms include bhopa, tejali, ghoomar, chang, and kathupuli, out of which Ghoomar is appreciated and recognized even internationally. And don’t you think much about anything because once these soulful beats hit your ears, you won’t be able to help yourself but do a step with your fellow mates.

So, this was all about what I experienced and learned from this colorful state. Before you plan to be a guest of Rajasthan, I will advise you to stay a day or two in the rural area in order to learn about the real Rajasthan.

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  1. After reading this article, I am missing the taste of Rajasthani food. I was there two weeks ago and it was so yum.

  2. Sydney told me about this place, and I will visit it. How to reach there from Delhi any suggestions?

  3. I most important thing about any state of India is its culture. And this makes Rajasthan even special.

    Someone should not miss this part of India as it has a whole story in itself.

  4. Very well written and Quite descriptive. I will surely visit Rajasthan to explore its beauty.

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