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Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad

While I was about to start writing about the Nehru Zoological Park, I remembered my childhood days. How did I use to insist my parents to took me there because there was nothing amazing than watching varieties of wildlife in one place?

Well, talking about Nehru Zoo Park, it is spread over an area of about 380 acres and has a massive number of species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. Do you know that this zoo is actually the first one that started keeping animals in zoological order? The place has always been a perfect weekend getaway for not just the natives but for outsiders as well. The best part about the zoo is that it will allow you to indulge in different activities and let you learn about the wildlife in fun yet educational way (be a part of their weekly educational events). There are more places in Hyderabad where you can enjoy your weekend with you loved ones.

Nehru zoological park
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Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad

Timings and Entry Fee at Nehru Zoological Park

The opening timings of the Zoological Park are from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm and remain the same from April to June. But from July to March, it changes to 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Remember, booking of tickets closes at 4:30 pm. The Zoological Park remains open on all the days except on Monday. You need to pay Rs.15 for the entry if you have any children below 12 years of age and Rs.30 is charged for the adults. You need to pay Rs.1500 if you want an entry for the trucks for shooting. Rs.20 is the amount you have to pay as a camera fee for still camera and Amateur video camera. While Rs.500 for professional still or video camera.

Things to do at Nehru Zoological Park

Zoological Park has taken care of entertainment very well by giving the visitors a number of things to do. The place is one of the most renowned picnic spots for both Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Look at the things you can do when in Nehru Zoological Park.

Tiger and Lion Safari: Let’s get started with the top attractions at the zoo i.e. the safaris. One needs to pay an amount for the safaris, Rs.40 for the adults and Rs.20 for the children below 12 years of age and enjoy whichever safari you love, be it Tiger Safari, Lion Safari, Bison Safari, or Bear Safari.

Toy Train: Toy train is actually famous among kids. One has to pay mere Rs.15 to enjoy the ride and Rs.5 if they are with their children aged below 12 years of age. Just remember, unlike Buggy ride, Toy Train won’t stop at any popular place and let you enjoy there.

Boating: Yet another top attraction at the Hyderabad Zoo is having a boat ride at Mir Alam Lake and the activity is organized by TSTDC. Not just this, you can even enjoy a speed boat ride too.

Butterfly Park: I assure you that you won’t witness such an eye-pleasing picture anywhere. This butterfly park was established in 1988 that allows you to watch a huge variety of butterflies. In fact, Nehru Zoological Park is the country’s first park that has dedicated one whole section to the butterflies only.

The Nocturnal House: This is another amazing part of the Zoological Park where the day and night cycle has been artificially reversed in order to make an environment for nocturnal animals like owls, cats, and bats so that they remain active during the visiting hours. You need to pay an entry fee of Rs. 5 if you have any kids aged below 12 years of age and Rs. 10 for adults.

Besides this, there are many more other activities to keep you entertained. Just make sure when you visit the place you can make the most of your trip.

How to reach Nehru Zoological Park?

Well, reaching the park is not at all a difficult task as it is located on the Zoo main road and is very well known by the locals. So, just in case, if you’re not able to find the place, any local can help you out in reaching there. If you’re taking public transport, the best option is to take the city bus or MMTS. If the railway is the mode you have selected, take the train to your nearest MMTS station i.e. Nampally Railway Station, which is around 5.4 away from your destination. After then you can hire a taxi or just take an auto to reach the zoo.

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